C.O.D.E (Cafe of Desserts Enthusiasts) @ The Jas Ramintra | Bangkok, Thailand

Monday, June 20, 2016

This relatively new café, CODE Cafe of Dessert Enthusiasts made its way to The Jas Ramintra shopping mall at Lat Pla Khao on November 2015. The café serves lava toast and croissant as well as other sweet treats. The cosy setting boost the tranquil atmosphere, making it an ideal chill out spot, comprising of three section - indoor, indoor garden and outdoor seating area.

Oozing lava from toasts and croissants are a common sight in Singapore’s café scene but upon seeing and reading the reviews of the lava toast on social media feeds, we have decided to give it a try despite the distance. We got on a GrabCar/Uber after our shopping spree at Chatuchak Market and it took approximately 30mintues to reach the mall. Note: it may not be the most convenient shopping mall to get to in Bangkok, hence it will be a longer ride from the city.

Without further ado, let’s move straight to the lava goodness. Starting with the crowd’s favourite, Earl Grey Tea Croissant Lava | 120 THB, with the croissant slightly glazed, topped with crumbs and contains earl grey tea lava within that is waiting to spurt out upon slicing it.

The aromatic earl grey tea lava were of the right texture, not too dilute and not overpowering as well. The flaky croissant seems to be on point too and complemented with the lava very well. It also comes in Salted Egg and Thai Tea lava but sadly we were stuffed after our meal at MK Steamboat. 

Next up, lava toast. The toast itself isn’t buttered inside hence I suggest dipping your toast on the lava, or it may appear dry and tasteless. Although, the toasts were tasteless but it were still soft within and not overly crisps on the exterior. Which are better done than those found in Singapore hence it can be quite challenging finding good shibuya toasts on our sunny island.

The toast and the scoop of ice cream served are prefixed. With that, the Matcha Lava Toast | 165 THB comes in white toast with half of it shaded in light green and a scoop of matcha ice cream as well as whipped cream at the side. Whereas, Thai Tea Lava Toast | 175 THB comes in charcoal toast with a scoop of (I believe it to be) vanilla ice cream as well as whipped cream at the side.

We were glad that the lava from the toast prevails to be in the same consistency as the croissants’. The overflowing matcha lava were concentrated with a slight bitterness to it, go along with it with the matcha ice-cream if you want it sweeter. Similarly, the Thai tea lava were thick and flavourful that brings forth the sweetness of the authentic Thai tea. I personally preferred this to matcha, as I believe Thai makes better Thai tea. You may also find these toast in Chocolate and Salted Egg lava as well.

As the location is really off, I would recommend visiting this place only if you have time to spare or are really into the nice deco for photoshoot. Otherwise, head over to their pop-up cafe at Siam Paragon, situated on G Floor (opposite to Haagen-Dazs) for the lava toasts and croissants.

Address: CODE (Cafe of Dessert Enthusiasts), The Jas Ramintra, (Ladplakhao Road) Lat Pla Khao Road, Bangkok, Thailand

Opening Hours:
Mon-Fri: 11:00am - 9:00pm
Sat-Sun: 10:00am - 10:00pm

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