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Wednesday, April 22, 2015

The latest dining addition to Tiong Bahru is House of Peranakan Petit, an intimate 30-seater restaurant in a modern Peranakan setting (hence it is “Petit”), along Eng Hoon Street - a former Peranakan district. Staying true to the roots even with the inundated of hipster cafes. In addition to Peranakan Inn in Katong and House of Peranakan Cuisine in Frankel, the family is now excited to bring its rich culinary heritage to Tiong Bahru. The House of Peranakan Group of restaurant is a pioneer in Nonya cuisine, managed by a pure Peranakan family for more than 30 years. Inspired by his mother’s culinary skills, Bob Seah wanted to share his family’s culinary culture with others.

As half of a Peranakan myself, I guess it's true that Nonyas have a sweet tooth :) 
Therefore, I will start off the post with the delectable desserts served in House of Peranakan Petit. Not to be missed would be the Gula Melaka Sago Pudding with Coconut Ice Cream [$6.50] - pearl sago pudding drenched in gula melaka (palm sugar) and topped with creamy coconut ice cream. It's so soothing in the palate, I wouldn't mind having a second serving all to myself.

The second highlight of the desserts, Durian Chendol with Coconut Ice Cream [$8.50] - a bowl filled with pandan jelly, red beans, coconut ice cream, durian puree, and lastly drizzle with gula melaka. The coconut ice cream served is made exclusively for the restaurant, tasted so good with the rich and creamy texture.

Pulot Hitam [$4.50] - black glutinous rice topped with coconut milk. Not a fan of Pulot Hitam personally but the texture is really thick, unlike those watery type you get outside.

Credit: Jacqsowhat
They recommend their home-made hot Pandan or Ginger Lemongrass Tea [$5.00], which is best accompanied by the full-flavoured Peranakan meal.

If you preferred something chilled, there's the Fresh Lime Juice with Agar Agar [$4], Iced Lychee Tea [$5], Iced Lemongrass Tea [$5]. A pretty safe options, can't go wrong.

Kick start the Peranakan meal with Assam Baby Squid [$12] - crispy squid stir-fired in tamarind, onions, green chilli and spices. The sweet and spicy paste goes perfectly well with a bowl of rice, and the crispiness added the crunch which can be very appetizing.  

Beef Rendang [$18] - pieces of beef broiled in traditional spices and coconut milk. The beef chunks were tender and soft with is full flavoured from the spices. Definitely one of my favourite during the tasting that night. 

Itek Tim Soup [$10] is a classic Nonya soup, an evolved form of the Chinese Kiam Chye Ark (Salted Vegetable and Duck Soup) where the fastidious Nonyas add assam gelugor (also known as garcinia atroviridis), tomatoes and pork ribs to create a fuller taste. A soup that warms the heart, just like the home-cooked ones.

Garam Assam Fish [$18] - chermin fillet in a tangy gravy tamarind, brinjal and lady's fingers. 
It is not foreign to have dishes served in claypots because the concept of serving home-cooked Nonya food in claypots was introduced 30 years ago. It's tangy but it's not very spicy and is irresistible, you'll keep wanting for more. Yet again, rice is a must have to go along with the dish!

The fourth generation Baba who had watched his Nonya mother cook, has created many Peranakan-inspired dishes such as Assam Prawns [$18] - king prawns in a tantalising tamarind sauce. It's so fresh and succulent, like those where you would want to lick your fingers after peeling off the shell.

Itek Sioh [$18] - braised duck in an appetising gravy of coriander and tamarind. A very interesting dish, the duck meat so tender and juicy and every bite is just so divine. The sauce just bring me back to my roots, so flavourful and tasty.

The restaurant encompasses a collocation of traditional and modern touches. From Peranakan furniture and antiques that set amidst Peranakan hues of turquoise and white. Also, to showcase and support Peranakan art, the owners are collaborating with young Peranakan artist, Carolyn Law, to exhibit her Peranakan-inspired art in the restaurant.

Tips: show this page and quote the promo code, ‘Petit Bagus’, to get a 10% off your dine-in bill.
It is valid until 30th April 2015, and is not applicable on PH and eve of PH.

House of Peranakan Petit 
42 Eng Hoon Street, 
Tiong Bahru Estate,  
Singapore 169785

Opening Hours:
Mon, Wed - Sun: 12pm - 3pm, 6pm - 10pm 
Closed on Tuesdays

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