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Wednesday, April 22, 2015

FYR Cycene Ond Drinc (pronounced as FIRE Kitchen and Drink) is a modern European-styled cuisine in a casual dining restaurant located along central business district, Boon Tat Street. The atmosphere is all about the rugged vibe, such as sepia hued wall mural and hardwood benches. Even its name harks back to primitive origins, using etymology of fire, the most important element in cooking.

Expect exotic herbs and spices of South-East Asia can be found in every dish, intensifying the taste and enliven the dishes. The dishes are whipped up using the Josper Charcoal Oven. The practice uses lychee wood which gives it a smoky note and yet filled with sweetness at the same time.

Here are some of FYR's special concoctions: (from left to right)

Grilled Pinapple Fruit Juice - a rich and caramelised flavour as the fruits are grilled before juicing.

Apple Rosemary Soda - a pleasant blend of fresh apple juice, rosemary and infused lemon syrup.

Lime and Mint Soda - a tangy mix of lime, mint leaves and mint syrup, helps to cleanse the palates.

Ginger Lemongrass Iced Tea - made with lemon tea, ginger and lemongrass, helps to invigorate the senses. 

Hibiscus Mint Iced Tea (not in photo) - made from hibiscus tea, apple juice and infused mint syrup.

 [all priced at $4.50 each] - all these brings forth a light and refreshing taste, suitable for cleansing the palate after each dish. 

Baked Freshly-Shucked Oysters [$15] - noble sweet paprika, roasted garlic, chilli padi, spring onion and calamansi all lend a distinctive quality to the fresh and succulent oysters. Love how the herbs and spices does not overpower the oysters but rather complement it. Also, it seems to have mask any fishy taste if there is from the oyster, those who are afraid of that taste, this might just be for you, worth trying. Wheras, for all oysters lover, this I strongly recommend!

Baked Half Bone Marrow [$15] - it comes with veal sweetbreads and are spiked by the exotic tastes of Thai basil and Asian spices. The look on our faces after trying a small portion of it, I guess only those who likes bone marrow would fancy this. I personally finds the texture too soft and gluey. 

Baked Aubergine and Chickpea Ragout [$10] - the chewy eggplant topped with chickpeas stew marry well with the miso and bechamel. Parmesan is added to give that extra oomph. Pretty decent for this dish.

That is all for the starters we have tried :)

Moving on to the sharing plates, Five-Spiced Half Chicken, Striploin and Asian-Spiced Tiger Prawn [$55] - get the best of three worlds they said. I think it is a bit too steep for just three items.
Relish the chicken, indulge in the tender striploin and savour the juicy prawns. It is served with house salad with java curry dressing and a choice of either buttered cassava (also known as tapioca) or mashed potato.

We got to try all three dipping sauces; Tomato Salsa, Foie Gras, Black Truffle. However, if you would to order this, it only comes in one of these three. The sauces plays a important role as the meat tasted bland and would required the sauce for flavour. I would personally go for either the Foie Gras or Black Truffle sauce.

Grain-fed US Holstein Cow Ribeye 365 Days [$32] - similarly it comes with house salad with java curry dressing and choice of either buttered cassava (also known as tapioca) or mashed potato (buttered cassava was selected for this dish). I would prefer the mashed potato over the tapioca. Firstly, we was told it is served medium rare, but turns out medium instead. Secondly, it tasted as bland as the Striploin (from the sharing plates), therefore sauce is needed to pair it with. Was slightly disappointed with this dish, and I think it could be better improved.

Spiced Deboned Red Snapper with Sambal Belacan [$25] - this was in fact one of the better dish served that night, the fish is cooked to perfection, soft and succulent fish meat, the sauce complemented the taste further. However, I doubt that is any where near the legit sambal belacan, it is actually not that spicy but it does lends a zest to the fish's nutty taste. 

Seafood Linguine [$18] - tossed with al dente pasta is a potpourri of seafood ingredients as well as lobster bisque, laksa leaves and Thai basil. I love how this tasted, easily the crowd pleaser on our table. 

Whole Maine Lobster [$35] - the gigantic lobster is topped with shallot lemongrass bechamel. The freshness of the lobster plays a big role, the lobster meat is simply delectable and juicy! There is a saying, saving the best for the last, this literally explains the tasting session.

After the mains, it is essential to end it on a sweet note with Baked Pistachio Melt and Pandan Ice Cream [$10] - the combination of pistachio flavoured lava cake and homemade pandan ice cream with a tinge of  sweet cinnamon makes this indulgent dessert a tour de force. This dessert is like a party in my palate! Though wish there is a stronger pistachio taste in the lava and the pandan ice cream blew my mind, no wonder it needs 24hours to prepare it.

This beautiful wall mural is a masterpiece of Peenut of Vagabond Ink. It really creates the spirit of the place for the restaurant.

I am overall pleased with the items served and I believe there are rooms for improvements, that includes certain staff's attitude to serving. No doubt the younger server was diligent and friendly but it kills the service standard with one or two rotten apple. Nonetheless, am grateful to be invited for this tasting session.

Do check out their promotions:
·    Lunch Promotion: S$25++ for 2 courses, S$29++ for 3 courses
·    House Pour Wines at $38 with any 2 main courses ordered during lunch
·    Happy Hour with drinks starting from $7.80, all day, everyday 

FYR Cycene Ond Drinc
19 Boon Tat Street,
Singapore 069619

Opening Hours:

Mon - Fri: 11am - 11pm
Sat: 9am - 11pm
Sun: 9am - 4pm


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