Insadong Korea Town @ Resorts World Sentosa, Singapore

Wednesday, January 07, 2015

Enjoy over an assortment of over 200 types of authentic Korean, Korean-Chinese, Korean-Western, Korean-Japanese cuisine and a variety of street food right at the heart of Resorts World Sentosa. Insadong Korea Town offers authentic Korean food in Korean traditional setting,  focusing on their culture and crafts. Not only do they have a team of specialised chefs from Korean crafting the authentic recipes, even the food supplies are air flow directly from Korea.

Ginseng Chicken Soup [$28] - a comforting dish especially so on rainy days! This dish is similar to what was served in Korea. In the chicken, you'll find glutinous rice and ginseng. Also, with the small bowl of milk to added into the soup just brings the richer and denser taste to the soup.

 Kimichi Pancake - a dish commonly found in Korean restaurant, decent pancake served here.

Toppoki - can't go wrong with Korean Rice Cake.

 Iced Honey Citron Tea [$4] - loving the sweetness and refreshing taste of this drink. It has like the Yuzu bits in it.

 Bossam [Small:$15, Large:$25] - Napa wraps with pork, kimchi and the signature Korean sauce.

 Xiao Long Bao in Kimchi Soup [$13] - a fusion of Chinese and Korean dish. The Xiao Long Bao doesn't have "soup" in it like the ones in Chinese Restaurant. I supposed you'll have to drink the soup from the bowl haa.

Watermelon Soju [$30] - a must try if you have a big group, it just add in the joy of drinking this. One big watermelon like this can share with approximately 4-8 people. Definitely a drink on a hot day in Singapore, refreshing much! 

 Pumpkin Spaghetti [$14] - something for the health concious ones. Make sure you eat it hot, if not it can get too sick from the rich pumpkin sauce. It actually tasted better than it looks :) 

 Mushroom Beef Bulgogi Hotpot [$36] - plus meat of your choice at $4. One of my favourite dish of the night! It requires sharing at least 3 people to finish this.

It reminded me of Thai Mookata (steamboat). Mix everything up like this, so good. Another comfort food for sure!

 Beef Bulgogi Baked Rice [$15] - it is best paired with Mushroom Beef Bulgogi Hotpot (above), and as recommended by the staff, add the baked rice into the hotpot. It kind of soaks up the "juice" from the vegetables and meat, which makes it more flavourful. Some would say it tasted like mui fan (rice in soup).

 J-Cone [$6] - dessert time! Finally got to try the highly raved J-Cone, I'm amazed at how hard the cone is haa. Luckily we shared this if not I don't think I can finish one on my own, corn corn is pretty filling though. 

 Red Bean Pancake [$7.80] - slight crispy on the outside, overall decent red bean pancake. If only there is more red bean paste as the flour is pretty heavy on this one.

Mixed Fruits Shaved Ice [$11] - the pretty looking dessert, semi-healthy fruits because it has been glazed, covering the sourness from the fruits.

Orders can be taken through the self-order kiosk, which only accept cash. Other modes of payment like cards, will be available through the cashiers. I think this works as a faster mode if there is a long queue.

Credits: The Influencer Network

Credits: The Influencer Network
At a capacity of 300 seats, there's plenty of room for everyone.

Credits: The Influencer Network

Thankful for the awesome spread served for the tasting. As usual, a group photo to end the night.


Insadong Korea Town
25 Sentosa Gateway,
Singapore 098138

Opening Hours: 
11am - 10pm daily

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  1. hi...nice posting. those foods look so yummy. Can you tell me how to go there by using sentosa bus or tram? thank you so much:)

    1. Hi, thank you! If you're taking tram, alight 1 stop later at Waterfront station. Walk straight towards the Lake of Dreams and Universal Studios Globe. You will then see a big screen, it's located near slappy cakes and Malaysian Food Street. If you are taking the RWS8, after alighting, enter via The Forum and turn left to take the escalator up to level 1. Turn left and walk straight along the stretch of restaurants like Din Tai Fung, Insadong Korea Town is further down. For more information, you can visit