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Monday, January 05, 2015

During World Egg Day, Eggs & Berries launched the first build-your-own coloured burgers. Those are not every day coloured burgers, these are filled with healthy benefits. Eggs & Berries are known for using only natural fresh ingredients and are handmade by a team of dedicated chefs.

Credit: EggsnBerries

To build your own burgers, you start with choosing the roof and base of the burgers with the Heavenly Four coloured buns consist of:

  • Spinach Pesto (green): helps nourish the eyes and bones
  • Turmeric Curry (yellow): helps achieve good skin
  • Smoked Paprika & Beetroot (pink): helps manage blood pressure
  • Charcoal Squid Ink (black): aids in detoxification  

Next, pair the buns with any of the four handmade gourmet patties: (all burgers will be served with a side of potato wedges and mixed greens)

  • E&B Beef & Egg [$13.90] - This burger is bound to elicit many coos. Crunchy and caramelised onions rest atop an enticing slab of 14-day dry aged beef. Accompanying it are fresh tomatoes and pickles.
  • Pork & Sage with Paprika [$12.90] - Spicy sage and smoked paprika infused pork patty, topped with sunny side up, onions, tomatoes & pickles.
  • Provence Herbs Lamb [$13.90] - Know the meaning of divine pairing with this burger. The aromatic herb-marinated lamb patty is enlivened by unctuous strips of crispy bacon.
  • Cajun Spiced Chicken [$12.90] - This is the burger that will quell hankerings for spicy food. The thick chicken patty is punctuated by spicy Cajun seasoning. The creamy cheddar cheese adds an extra oomph.
Note: the burgers are charged based on the patty you choose.

Spinach Pesto (green) bun + Cajun Spiced Chicken [$12.90] - sadly the flavours of the burgers was not very distinct and the chicken patty was decent.

Turmeric Curry (yellow) bun + Pork & Sage with Paprika patty [$12.90] - I think this has the strongest taste to the bun, on the other hand there isn't much difference to the texture of the chicken and the pork patty to me.

Generous sizing of the patty :)

Smoked Paprika & Beetroot (pink) bun + Provence Herbs Lamb patty [$13.90] and E&B Beef & Egg patty [$13.90] - Look at the eggy goodness! It's called Eggs and Berries for a good reason. Charcoal Squid Ink (black) bun was not available thus we tried the beef patty with the pink bun just because it looked more vibrant. One bite from the beef patty and the minced beef scattered all over, you could tell it's handmade for sure! Whereas, the lamb patty was quite decent too. There's isn't the pungent smell or taste to the lamb, give it a try :)

Caesar Salad [$9.90]Romaine lettuce with garlic croutons, parmesan cheese, bacon bits and poached egg.
The only salad on the menu, a pretty decent salad where can't go wrong with these items. Poached egg was slightly over-cooked though. Not something I would order for that price.

From left to right: 
Sweet Grovvy Mango Smoothies [$6.50] - Fresh mango, milk and vanilla.
Banana Sunset Smoothies [$6.50] - Orange, banana and vanilla.
Ginger Fizz (Twinings Iced Tea) [$5.90]
The drinks were not the best served that night, thankfully the food was so much better.

Eggs Benedict Solo [$12.90] - Poached eggs with Hollandaise, English muffin, bacon, honey ham, hash brown.
The poached eggs were nicely done this time with runny yolk inside. Hollandaise sauce has rooms for improvement.

Aglio Olio King River Prawn [$19.90] Aglio Olio pasta, served with king river prawn, wild mushrooms, onions, bacons and melted cheese, topped with poached egg.
Aglio Olio tasted fine but the prawn wasn't very fresh. We felt deceived by the photo featured on the wall and what was served.

I'm always anticipated for the something sweet to end the meal!
Mango Tango [$10.90] - Mango, macadamia nuts and chocolate chips with rainbow sprinkles topped with whipped cream.
Served with three types of sauces: Maple Syrup, Chocolate Sauce and Strawberry or Raspberry sauce.

Over the Rainbow [$15.90] - Medley of fresh fruits, gooseberry with whipped cream.
Served with butter and maple syrup. Waffle was a tad to dry for my liking.

Overall, I think sticking with the burgers and breakfast would be a better choice.

Eggs & Berries
Jurong Point 1,
1 Jurong West Central 2,
Singapore 648886

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