Joyden Canton Kitchen @ HillV2, Singapore

Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Craving for some local Cantonese fare? Joyden Canton Kitchen is situated in HillV2, a shopping mall located near Upper Bukit Timah. The menu is crafted and inspired by a number of cities in Guangdong, the heart of Cantonese gastronomy. I'm amazed at how these dishes feels like home-cooked dishes, in a nicer presentation and prepared using a refined ingredients. Oh and I love how reasonably priced the dishes are at Joyden Canton Kitchen, their one size pricing/portion can eat up to 2 to 3 people. 

Joyden Signature Soy Sauce Chicken [$12/$18/$32] - It comes in quarter, half or whole servings. 
A crowd pleaser for that night! Soy Sauce Chicken is like my all the time favourite, and the difference from this to the rest is the added ingredient of Rosewater, which enhances to the sweetness of the chicken as well as the sauce. The Rosewater is a traditional ingredient used in classic roast technique. The meat is oh-so-tender and soft, even the breast meat is good.

Signature Traditional Hakka Salt Poached Farm Chicken [$17] - When you have the 'black' chicken, the chances the 'white' chicken is high too. 
Little did I know that dishes of Teochew descent falls under the umbrella of Cantonese food, which brings us to this dish. A whole Kampong Chicken is mildly immersed with salt and herbal stock. The highlight will then be on Joyden’s secret-recipe ginger sauce, served with the chicken.

Homemade Hawthrone and Apple Drink [$4] - This drink is said to be made daily and only contains natural ingredients and fruit. Love the refreshing and light taste which goes well with the food served that night. It is thoughtfully created to aids in cleansing the palette, I think this would be good especially if you are having a sore-throat.

Crispy Golden Lotus Root Chips [$8.80] - Appetizer you can't miss, this is like a healthier version to Tapioca Chips. It's very crispy and not oily at all, which made it feel even less sinful.

Chicken with Fresh Huai Shan and Wolfberry in Old Coconut Soup [$12.80]Steamed in an old coconut over low heat for up to three hours, talking about quality comfort food. The soup’s aroma is so strong when it was presented on the table. The taste is light and refreshing, and it also has a hint of sweetest to it. Brings me back to the past where I always have home-cooked soup for dinner, just warms my heart.

Signature Sliced Grouper Fillet with Pine Mushroom and Black Fungus in Rice Wine Broth [$17.80] - This dish is cooked and served in the hotpot, thereby heighten the smoky and fragrant scent, also known as ‘wok hei’, a key feature on Joyden’s menu. Comforting essences of superior fish soup with rice wine, a perfect combination to keep warm.

Fish Maw and Prawns with Glass Noodles in Homemade XO Sauce [$18.80] - Another ‘wok hei’ dish in homemade premium XO sauce of dried scallops and Jin Hua Ham (a type of dry-cured ham named after the city of Jinhua, where it is produced). Some may find it similar to Thai's glass noodles version but this heat things up with the spice.

Braised Pork Ribs in Aged Mandarin Peel Sauce [$16.80]Unlike other typical coffee pork ribs, this prime pork ribs are braised to perfection to achieve the fall-off-the-bone texture. It is then mixed in a special aged mandarin peel sauce before broiled to a smoky, caramelised finish. The owner of Joyden Canton Kitchen insisted to add mandarin peel to this this, as it not only brings out the aroma but is also beneficial in digesting factor. Eating this is no fuss as the meat comes off really easily and is so soft.

Signature Braised Homemade Beancurd Coin with Poached Shanghai Baby Cabbage [$14.80] Talking about health benefits, this dish consist of three nutrient-packed components. Cooked in a pork broth for quite a few hours to become the milky texture, while the baby cabbage is steamed in superior pork broth  for 5 hours or until succulent. Lastly, the homemade beancurd is made from a blend of seafood and vegetables, and fried till golden-brown. If it wasn't a media tasting, I would most probably finish up the broth lols. 

Signature Traditional Rice Vermicelli with Poached Egg White, Crabmeat and Scallop [$15.80]An alternative of staple to rice would be this, wok-fried rice vermicelli tossed with crabmeat, fresh and dried scallop, and finished with a swirl of vinegar and a dash of pepper. Tasted like fish maw soup to me.

Joyden Canton Kitchen
HillV2 Shopping Centre,

4 Hillview Rise, #02-21,
Singapore 667979

Opening Hours:
11:30am - 9:30pm (L.O. at 9pm) daily

Dim Sum: 11:30am - 4:30pm daily

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