SYNC Korean Tapas Bar @ Serangoon Gardens, Singapore

Saturday, January 17, 2015

Singapore's every first Korean Tapas Bar is here! SYNC has another outlet in Westgate Mall with a different concept, serving Korean Fusion Bistro. Over at the Tapas Bar, SYNC features a gamut of Korean-inspired tapas and cocktails from $9.90.

From top to right:
1.   Crackling [$9.90] - crackling of umami cod chips.
One of my favourite tapas of the night! It goes well with soju or beers. Perfect for just chilling and chatting with friends. If only they could cut down on the oil used…

2.   Sogogl Jowl [$10.90] - char-grilled beef jowl in hoba and garlic confit.
It looks really good! Taste wise pretty ok if you like the mint taste. For me, I think the mint overpower the beef and garlic flavours.

3.   Samgyupsal [$10.90] - char-grilled pork belly with scallion salad and chilli yuzu dressing.
This is what I would prepare at home for a light meal! Loving this healthy dish, giving you the extra chew from the pork belly because it is char-grilled instead of boiling it.

4.   Mandu [$9.90] - crispy minced pork and mushroom dumpling with salsa.
Expect a decent Asian kind of dumpling.

5.   Kimchi [$9.90] - assorted homemade kimchi and pickles (not the one shown in photo).
The one I had was just the kimchi without the pickles. I love homemade kimchi for the authentic essences.

6.   Dak-Kangjung [$9.90] - deep-fried sweet and spicy chicken bites, ricotta and chilli tempura.
This is pretty close to the ones I had in Korea! Must try okays :)

The tapas menu is an innovation of both Consultant Chef Edwin Lau and Head Chef Calista Ong. Both has extensive experience and interest in various cuisine and came from renowned hotels, restaurants and culinary institute across the world. With that said, expect a finer tapas in Serangoon Gardens.

My Camera died on me thus the photos below are to be credited to Jacqsowhat! Thanks bff :)

Soju Mojito [$9.90] - Soju with mint leaves.
A very refreshing drink and I think the soju isn't too strong, don't have to worry about getting drunk haa! Towards the end of the night, we decided to try their draught beer like Mac's Great White and Pilsner Erquell [$14/cup]. I'm not a beer person but I think Mac's tasted light, if that is how you describe them =P

Soju  Peach Shot [$7.90] - Peach and soju.
The alcohol content is definitely stronger as compared the the Soju Mijito.

Dak Gar-Bi [$38.90] - spicy chicken paella with onions, mushroom, cabbage, sausage and kimchi.
A dish good for sharing. Nothing to shout about in my opinion.

Ssam [$40.90, two shares] - tender pork ribs, lettuce wrap, bun and ssam sauce.
This is similar to the Chinese Braised Pork Burger (Kong Bak Pau).
The pork ribs is super soft and tender, don't have to worry about the mess from removing the bone.

Hotteok [$8.90] - pan-fried chewy sweet Korean pancake with banana foster (you can add $1.50 for a scoop of vanilla ice-cream).
Sweet and savoury dessert to kick start the desserts, interesting mix but nothing too fancy.

Misugaru [$8.90] - misugaru (Korean roast flour which includes a blend of brown rice, barley and more) lava cake, vanilla ice-cream, strawberries and lime compote.
After tasted Sync at Westgate with the three other flavours, I kind of have a high expectation for this and it never fails! A unique creation to bring out the Korean essences.

Food indeed brings people closer! Blessed to have met new friends along the way :)

SYNC™ Korean Tapas Bar
12 Maju Avenue, Serangoon Garden Estate
Singapore 556690
Tel: 6282 0612

Opening Hours:
Mon, Wed, Thu: 11am - 11pm
Fri - Sun: 11am - 12am
Closed on Tuesday

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