Wanderlust : Seoul, Korea (Day 7) [Coex Mall, Lotte World, Myeongdong]

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Last day in Seoul! Grabbing bites on the go and heading to Lotte World, our second theme park in the trip.

Paris Baguette in Korea has more pastry variety as compared to Singapore.
And they don't have the royal puddings like the ones we have.

Look yummy don't they?

Wait till you see their signs. Koreans are super conscious! They have calories count everywhere, including fast food restaurants!

Headed to Coex Mall for this, thus it explains the bites instead of big meals.
Coex Mall is directly connected to Samseong Station (Seoul Subway Line 2), exit 5 or 6. This is one of the largest underground shopping malls in Asia and one of the first malls in Korea to have everything virtually a tourist may need, including the COEX Aquariums. Sadly, I didn't have time to shop there as we are rushing to the theme park after late lunch at Marche.

Wide variety of food to indulge! Almost every dish is free flow except for certain mains like grilled salmon, ribeye steak, etc.

One of my most satisfying meal there, thumbs up!! They should have Marche buffet in Singapore man! Missing these yummy food now.

Now we are all set for an adventure in Lotte World!
Lotte World is divided into three parts: Adventure, Waterpark and Aquarium.

Lotte World ticketing can be a tad troublesome to understand as they have two types of tickets, Daily Passport Ticket (full day and after 4pm admission) and Admission Only Ticket (full day, after 4pm and after 7pm admission). It gets cheaper for later passes, I advice you to purchase onsite to prevent any mistakes plus you might be give tourists discounts.

During March to April, they feature the Mask Festival where it's a world of fantastic masks along with the vibrant spirit of spring, plus Masquerade parade at selected timings.

The theme park consist of four levels of indoor adventures and linked to an outdoor theme park called Magic Island.

We decided to conquer the rides outside first because it gets colder when the sun sets.

Spotted a stretch of cherry blossom trees surrounding the Magic Island. Lovely!

The Gyro Drop is one of the main highlight of the Magic Island! The queue was insanely long that we decided to give this a miss.

I was sadden because all the rides requires me to queue for at least 30mins onwards! I seriously think it's overly crowded. I queued for this as it seems to be the "shortest" waiting time and it was a led down. The ride was a 3D effect that makes you giddy, even though you're seated.

Kinda resemble Disney's Cinderella Castle, no?

Another bomb ride indoors, as it starts getting chilly outside. I guess everyone thought so and moved indoor causing this waiting time to be 2hrs and up.

The worse part of the trip was most of the rides had to stop at 8pm for fireworks for 30mins. I don't have all the time in the world man and it's my last day (maybe it's a wrong day to go but it's Monday...), it sure made such a bad impression on me. That also means you'll be in the queue before 8pm and queue for 30mins + 1hour or which ever the waiting time for that ride. What frustrates me even more was the staff stopped me from entering and explained to me that there's fireworks but yet allowed Koreans to enter the queue, though there's communication barrier but actions spoke louder than words. That staff even screamed at me as he have to repeat multiple times that I have to wait after 830pm.

My personal opinion, Everland over Lotte World any time. Even though Everland is crowded and the main attraction is not operating, I still managed to have fun out of the rest of the rides. 

Lotte World Adventure
240 Olympic-ro Songpa-Gu,
Seoul, Korea HotelLotte Lotteworld

Check the Operating Hours here

Back at Myeongdong for some yummy Korean food for the last time before heading back home.

At least this made my night!

It took us awhile to find this in some small street as most restaurants are closed. The owner knows we are tourists and gave us a packet of seaweeds, how nice of them! The best part we get to sit upstairs where it's just us, just like a private dining room. The restaurant also act as a sleeping area for the staff, get to experience a traditional part of Korea in this tiny house.

And this sums up my last night in Seoul with awesome BBQ. 

Thank you for reading and following my Korea, Seoul journey. It has come to an end and I will be starting my other wanderlust trip pretty soon!

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