Momiji Shabu Shabu Buffet @ Balestier Shaw Plaza, Singapore

Monday, August 25, 2014

Are you familiar with collagen hotpot? Suki Group has opened its doors to bring in collagen hotpot Japanese buffet. This is unlike any other collagen hotpot, this is the FIRST and ONLY collagen hotpot in BUFFET style, eat to your heart's content and be beautiful at the same time! Momoiji Shabu Shabu is a Japanese-themed buffet, providing more than 100 over variety of items to choose from. You can choose to have it as a steamboat, shabu shabu or even Zosu (Japanese rice porridge), all in a pot of collagen soup.

 To start off, a pot of collagen pudding will have to cook for about 10mins before it melts. The collagen pudding is simmered over long hours together with Kampong chicken, this is to make the broth nutritious and flavourful.

 Some of the sauces available for the soup, the pink rock salt is from Himalayas and is recommended to add in about three turns/dash into the soup (do taste your soup before adding in any sauces and add accordingly to your preference of your tastebud). FYI, the collagen soup shoyu is catered for collagen soup thus it sweeter and not salty like any other Japanese shoyu. If you like something spicy, you can add in hot kimchi paste into your soup too.

A big sitting area in Momiji catering to a group of 2s, 4s and 6s.

Moving on to the buffet line which are displayed in a rectangular shaped.

Free flow of collagen soup at NO additional charge at all!

Behind the scene peeking at the collagen pudding. Looks like tau huey (beancurd) right lols.

The noodles section featuring Somen, Udon, Instant noodles and Crispy noodles.
They serve three types of meat, mainly Pork Collar, Pork Belly and Beef.
P.S. The photo only consisted of beef.

The seafood section :)

My favourite section! Sadly, I ate some not very fresh items and has the fishy smell.

They even have raw and onsen eggs!! Tasted pretty much like normal half boiled eggs though haa.

A wide variety of dipping sauces to choose from.
Momiji has their own signature dipping sauce by mixing Ponzu 2 scoops, Minced radish 1/2 scoop and Minced garlic 1/2 scoop. Just follow the instructions displayed at the back. 

Raw minced meat on bamboo shoot, thumbs up!
P.S. use the given red spoon to scoop out the meat and not dip the whole bamboo shoot into the soup.

More hotpot dishes.

A stretch of vegetables, mushrooms and items for the soupy collagen.
There's also cooked food available like chawanmushi, tempura, prawn paste mid-wings, scallop fried rice and many more.

Decent range of sushi but it looks a tad too dry thus I didn't try them.

Hot desserts staring Black Sesame Paste and Red Bean Soup. Yummy! If I wasn't full, I wouldn't mind a second serving.

Healthy fruits and sweets to end of the buffet.

Ice cream with cone and waffle biscuits, with the usual flavours such as cookies and cream, vanilla, yam, chocolate and mocha chips.

Table full of food for six hungry people! Get to know meet new friends who made the meal a joyful one <3

For the price I'm paying for, this is a really good deal! Collagen is good for the skin, must I say more? Drink up the whole pot! 
On top of that with every 2 pax dined in, your table will get a complimentary premium item. Premium items varies from Kurobuta, Wagyu Beef, Half-shell Scallop, Oyster, Snow Crab, etc. daily.

Pricing and timings are correct at the time of published.

Momiji Shabu Shabu
Shaw Plaza, 
360 Balestier Road, 
Singapore 329783

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  1. is there a time limit?

    1. Heys, if I'm not wrong it should be around 90mins to 2hrs.