Gyoza-Ya @ Robinsons Orchard, Singapore

Friday, August 29, 2014

Wait no more, Gyoza-Ya has launched a fourth filling for their gyoza (dumpling)! - Pork, Vegetable, Prawn and now Red King Crab (Tarabagani). As the name, Gyoza-Ya, this restaurant is specialised in both pan-fried and boiled gyoza. Also as member of the Akashi Group of restaurants, Gyoza-Ya is sure to bring out the authentic Japanese taste from Japan to Singapore. 

Most of the ingredients are especially flown in from Japan, usually about two to three times a week by by a Japanese Chef that is residing in Japan. Some of the main ingredients brought in from Japan are udon and gyoza skin, which consists of natural spring water in them and can't be found in Singapore. 

Red King Crab Gyoza is available in both Pan-Fried (Yaki Kani Gyoza) and Boiled (Sui Kani Gyoza) with Miso Dressing, 5 pieces per plate. There is limited quantity daily depending on availability of their Tarabagani. While stock last!!

Pan-fried dumpling with Red King Crab (Yaki Kani Gyoza) [$7.80]
Have always eaten goyza with pork filling as it is the 'traditional' ones thus it took me awhile to get used to the crabby taste and partly because there is too many shell in the gyoza I ate so do chew with caution.

The sauces to go with the goyza, FYI there is a pre-mixed gyoza sauce too.

This drink is also recently added to their menu and my personal favourite, Kuri Lemonade (Japanese Cucumber with Lemonade) [$3.80]. A very refreshing and smoothing taste!

Another new item added, Tonkusei Tonkotsu Udon (Special Pork Bone Soup with Thick Noodle) [$6.80]. Let me list down the tedious effort that goes in making this dish...
1. The special pork bone soup is braised for at least 24 hours in the central kitchen and sent to the outlet every morning, therefore while stocks last too!
2. The thick noodles are flown in from Hokkaido as it uses quality flour and water. It does taste different! It's chewy and yet can 'slide' down my throat easily (if you get what I mean haa!).

3. It is top with slice leek and Buta Kakuni (Braised Pork Belly) which is slow braised for 36 hours. Soft and flavourful in every bite.

Open concept kitchen just like in Japan.

The machine (it is made in Japan specially catered to Gyoza-Ya) that makes the yummy gyoza! I was told by one of the chef that only authorised chefs are able to touch this machine. A Japanese chef will come down to pre-make them in the early morning and will randomly pick a few out from each tray to weight them, ensuring the consistency of each gyoza. If it is found to be a big difference, the gyoza will not be served to customers.
That's what I like about Japanese cuisine, they are always very strict with the food served and always tries to provide the best quality. 

Some other new items worth trying under the dessert sections are the Yaki Azuki Gyoza (Pan-Fried Dumpling with Red Bean)  and Oshuruko (Red Bean Soup with Mochi and Matcha Ice Cream).

B1-02A Robinsons Orchard,
260 Orchard Road
Singapore 238855

Operating Hours:
11:30am - 10:00pm

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