Travelogue : Tokyo, Japan (Day 1) {Asakusa, Ameyoko Street, Tokyo SkyTree}

Friday, October 24, 2014

This is a serious backlog of my travelogue, have been posting so much food that I forgot about my wanderlust :)

Went to Japan (Tokyo, Osaka and Kyoto) during November 2013, for 11days! As the transportation in Japan can be quite costly, my bff and I decided to hotel hop, hopping it would save us some extra cash for more food haa. The weather during that period was just chilly, so a extra jacket over is warm enough.

Took Delta for a direct flight for about 6 to 7 hours

First thing at the airport, is to activate our JR passes which includes unlimited Shinkansen (Bullet Train)S$380/person, subject to the currency rate on the day or purchasing. 

Take note that you must purchase your JR Pass from your origin country such as your local JTB (Japan Tourism Board) counters or other agents who sells them. And activation is to be done in Japan.

Our first hotel is located in Asakusa, we took the Narita Sky Access Line which cost us 1060yen.
It's time vs money, whereby you can get the direct line but it cost more. We got the cheaper and slightly longer journey (50mins to an hour). Click for more information on Narita Airport Transport.

Even if you feel lost, just approach the staff and they will direct you, however their command of English isn't very good so it would be good to know a few basic Japanese words.

Cushioned seats ftw!
Beware of the loud sound/impact from the metros (trains) that pass by each other.

And by the way, Japan has a lot of stairs and finding elevator can be difficult and is usually located quite a distance away from the train gantry. Imagine carrying your luggage up these stairs~

Vending machines are everywhere! You'll never go thirsty or hungry :D

After about 10mins walk, we have reached the Agora Place Asakusa cozy lobby.

This is an environmental friendly and affordable hotel, with additional items for sale or rent at an extra fee. The downside of the hotel is the really small room and bed, we can't even open our luggages in the room. 
Tips: Free WiFi

2-2-9 Kotobuki, 
Taito-ku, Tokyo,
Japan 111-0042

By Metro:
1min walk from B2 Exit of Tawaramchi Staion(Ginza line)
6mins walk from A1 Exit of Asakusa Station(Asakusa line)
5mins walk from A5 Exit of Kuramae Staion(Oedo line)

To prevent major confusion, do study the metro map before coming to Japan!

The metro lines are operated by several companies, and our JR passes are not applicable on Tokyo Metro Line. Metro ticket packages are available too.

Took the metro to Ueno, and venture into Ameyoko Shopping Street. 
It is located along the Yamanote Line tracks between Okachimachi and Ueno Stations.

 It would be nice to have something hot on a raining day, we chanced upon this shop and bff is a fan of Korean food, so we decided to give this a try.

Hotteok (Sweet Korean Pancakes) with red bean fillings tasted so good!

Went over to Atre Ueno to get some ramen fix! Ichiran was having a long queue then thus we settle for the one beside, which is equivalently good (how bad can it get, it's Japan yo!).

Every thing is to be ordered via the vending machine. Technology wins in Japan :)
Sadly there wasn't any English language on the machine, we figured out by the pictures and some Chinese characters. Oh insert money first then select.

After paying through the machine, get seated and pass this to the staff, who will then start to prepare your food.

We ordered a set of Spicy Vegetable Noodles (recommended by the chef) + Pork Gyoza  for a start as we intended to have a second round else where. We were shocked by how big the bowl of spicy vegetable noodles are, even though we are sharing, we have difficulties finishing it haa! Oh the noodles and goyza were a amazing start to my Japan trip.

Besides vending machines, there were also tons of toy capsule machines!

It started pouring again, so we decided to seek shelter at the Taiyaki shop. And the smell and heat coming from the shop makes us hungry again haa. 

This is slightly different from Singapore's Taiyaki, they didn't cut the shape out but rather serves with the crispy corners. It is one of Japan's popular dessert, with red bean fillings.

The Japanese are very generous with the quantity. Thumbs up!

Since it's still rather early, we decided to visit the Tokyo SkyTree.

The 634m high Tokyo SkyTree is awarded the tallest tower in the world on 2011
Not a good day to visit Tokyo SkyTree with the continuous rain and foggy view :(

Tokyo SkyTree
Operating Hours: 8:00 - 22:00
Admission: 2000 yen (first observatory), 3000 yen (first and second observatory)

By Metro:
Transfer to the Tobu SkyTree Line at Asakusa Station

Loving the convenient stores with so many varieties that you'll be spoilt for choice!

Even their cupnoodles looks so appetising~

CONTINUE READING >>> Tokyo, Japan (Day 2) coming soon!

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