[CLOSED] SYNC Korean Fusion Bistro @ Westgate Mall, Singapore

Sunday, November 16, 2014

SYNC Korean Fusion Bistro powered by Samsung is located in the west area, right at Jurong East, Westgate Mall. It can be linked from Samsung store which is situated at Level 1 of Westgate Mall, or you can access through their main entrance at Level 3.

The crafted menu is an infusion of Korean cuisine and western cuisine. The family friendly restaurant caters to all ages including kids' meal. SYNC’s desire to build a community relationship through food and technology. With that said, SYNC is wired with free Wi-Fi, even their menu is electronically view from a Samsung Tab.

Gamja Tuikim [$6.90] fries topped with kimchi and nacho cheese
Some may think that that is a weird combination, well I have my doubts previously too. But it turned out surprisingly good, it added the extra crunch with the chunks of kimchi. A great appetiser to kick start the meal with.

Yangnyeom Tongdak [$6.90] (3 pieces) - crispy sweet and spicy chicken winglets
Even though the sauce is drizzled all over but the chicken remains crispy and tender.
P.S. the photo is taken at a media tasting, the actual dish only has 3 pieces of winglets.

Topokki [$7.90] Korean rice cakes glazed in spicy sweet sauce with fish cake, bacon, spring onion and soft boiled egg
This definitely define the fusion of Korean, Western and Chinese fare to the Topokki. Haa I have to say bacon with any dish is like the bomb!

Jajangmyeon [$12.90] - spaghetti tossed with minced chicken, potatoes, carrot, zucchini, onions and cooked in Korean black bean sauce
Here we have the mains, this is actually similar to the Chinese version of Zha Jiang Mian - noodles with minced pork with fermented soy bean paste. Interestingly, SYNC used spaghetti instead of Chinese noodles.

Budae Jjigae [$14.90] - army spicy stew of rice cake, ramyun, dumplings, sausages and pork belly slices
Also known as the K-pot stew, it is usually served with instant noodles at most Korean restaurants. Overall it tasted average and a tad too salty too.

Bibimbap [$12.90] - warm steamed rice with seasonal fresh vegetables, soft boiled egg, gochujang (chilli paste) and sesame oil
Tuna, Soy Chicken or Bulgogi Beef can be added at a additional cost of $2.50 per item.
What I like about how they serve this dish is that they serve the gochujang aside, where you can add according to your desired spiciness. It is best eaten hot :) oh be warned, the gochujang can get really spicy!

Jap Chae with Beef [$11.90 + $2.50] - stir fried Jap Chae with seasonal fresh vegetables in SYNC special sweet savoury sauce
Soy Chicken or Bulgogi Beef can be added at a additional cost of $2.50 per item.
My favourite Korean dish is Jap Chae and SYNC never failed to deliver this dish perfectly. The add-on of meat is pretty thoughtful as it can fill up the stomach better in my opinion.

Ginger Yuzu [$5.50 for cold, $4.50 for hot]
I was recommended to try this special as the selection of drinks are plenty! Nevertheless, this drink is refreshing with small bits of Yuzu in it and it helps soothe the throat too.

 Matcha Addiction Lava Cake [$7.90] - served with Matcha ice cream
Dessert is a must try when you visit SYNC! 
I LOVE LOVE LOVE their Matcha Lava Cake. One of the better ones in Singapore, thumbs up!
You will know it is good when the green tea is still rich and flavourful in every bite. Loving the greenness =P

White Chocolate Taro Lava Cake [$7.90] served with Yam ice cream
An interesting mix, but sadly I am not a fan of Taro. However, the other bloggers present, agrees that this Taro is similar to Burger King's Taro pie.

 White Chocolate Red Bean Lava Cake [$7.90] served with Vanilla ice cream
Red Bean Lava Cake, how rare! Would love it even more if it is filled with red bean paste instead. Well it wouldn't be lava then haa. The red bean taste to this isn't very strong as it is mixed with white chocolate.

Photo Credit: Jacqsowhat
A full array of wine, beer and cocktails are available at SYNC al fresco bar, located at the main entrance. Air-conditioned seating are on the left side, after the sliding doors.

Photo Credit: Jacqsowhat

The restaurant even provided a kids' corner for children to experience the latest electronic gadgets with free apps download, powered by Samsung too.

SYNC Korean Fusion Bistro
Westgate, 3 Gateway Drive#03-01, S608532

Operating Hours:
Sun - Thu: 11am - 11pm
Fri & Sat: 11am -12mn


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