Swensen's Christmas Menu 2015 - Joy on Our Little Red Dot

Thursday, October 29, 2015

As this year marks Singapore’s Golden 50 Jubilee, the local favourite family restaurant, Swensen’s wants to celebrate Christmas revolving the joyous moments on our little red dot. The Christmas menu includes festive entrees, locally inspired ice-cream sundaes created with a nostalgic twist, classic ice cream log cakes and more for boundless Christmas joy celebrated in a uniquely Singaporean way.

Visit www.swensens.com.sg/ for a full Christmas catalogue complete with six all-new ice cream log cakes and Swensen’s Christmas packages.

The two Christmas entrées will be available respectively in the months of November & December 2015.

NOVEMBERChicken Istimewa | $15.90 - a traditional culinary delicacy of Indonesia, marinating the chicken in a mild spicy fragrant and grilled to a crisp brown exterior, with a tender, juicy bite with every mouthful. The dish is served with traditional Achar, prawn crackers, steamed rice and an indulgent dollop of sambal balachan. The sambal balachan is what make it a Singaporean dish, feel the kick!

DECEMBERSwensen’s Turkey Burger | $17.90 – take on the American classic with Swensen’s local twist, or how they would suggest it as an upscale turkey Ramly Burger (usually found in masar palam – night market). The marinated turkey patty is cooked to perfection topped with a special burger bun, followed by fresh lettuce, sliced tomato, fried egg and grilled pineapple that is submerged in Gula Melaka. Served alongside with chips and coleslaw too!

The locally inspired ice-cream sundaes created with a nostalgic twist, will be exclusively available in restaurants island-wide from 1 November to 31 December 2015.

Sweet Corn Fever Forever | $11.50 - this sundae is made up of red bean, chendol, atap seeds, corn kernels and topped with a scoop of creamy corn and sweet corn ice cream.

Child’s Gem Delight | $11.50 - this sundae looks like everybody’s favourite, filled with chocolate ice cream, smothered in marshmallow sauce, throw in a few colourful gem biscuits and blast the whipped cream and a cherry on top. Here you have your own edible Christmas tree! Love every part of it excepts the mountain of whipped cream.

Potong Supreme Pleaser | $11.50 - how can old school desserts not have potong ice cream right? Resting above the scoop of vanilla ice cream covered by chocolate magic shell and red bean potong ice cream wafer. Not forgetting crinkle-cut chips combined with gourmet chocolate, this is a salty, sweet, crunchy scoop of deliciousness you will never forget.

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