FATCAT Ice Cream Bar - Menu Relaunch @ Bedok, Singapore

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

FATCAT Ice Cream Bar has took the desserts to a whole new level with their vision focusing in crafting impeccable frozen delights from fresh ingredients, creating flavours from scratch with a twist of our own creativity and bold cooking techniques. That would also explains why their tagline is “Made From Scratch“.

Plated desserts will vary according to seasonality, please check for availability with their staff.

Besides their legendary Charcoal Waffles with Salted Egg Yolk Sauce, the Spheres are quite a hit too!

Lime Mojitio Sphere | $4.50 each - lime juice and rum within the sphere, topped with lime zest, lemon peel and edible herbs.

Green Tea Baileys | $4.50 each - the name says it all, infused with green tea and bailey.

Moving on the the Plated Desserts with some interesting combination, go on an adventure and experience something out of the norm.

Strawberry Shortcake | $12 - de-constructed Strawberry Shortcake with elderflower mousse, fizzy strawberries, caraway seeds marshmallows, Japanese sponge, malt, honey, strawberry sorbet and adding the last touch with citron balm cress.

De-constructed anything has been trending in the cafe scenes lately and FatCat has one of the better ones IMO. All the bits and pieces really adds up just as though you're having a real cake but with more textures of course.

Reverse Smores | $10 - with the marshmallows toasted on the outside and concealed with banana ice-cream and a oreo base.

Kyoho Dreams | $18 (Pre, Main & Post desserts)

Wine grapes sphere with purple shiso cress.

Grape tartare, fresh & Korean peeled with shiso, lime, salt and alongside a scoop of grapefruit Campari sorbet. Not only does it looks good, it taste exceptionally delicious as well. A plate filled with different textures and flavours, my favourite of the lot :)

Tom yum granita topped with kaffir lime threads and grated ginger. In addition to a spoon of lime air. Can't get enough of this bowl of goodness! It replaced the previous lemongrass to current ginger, still likes it but prefers lemongrass more.

Lychee Martini | $16 (Main & Post desserts)

Beautifully decorated within the white chocolate "shell", fills with cherry yoghurt, litchi mousse and lemon granita, lastly garnished with purple shiso and edible flowers. This is perfect for the weather, a go to to escape from the heat.

Beer & Cassis Popsicle (not shown)

Featuring this Halloween, Butter Beer | $14 - German beer with secret concoction sauce. Flown in fresh through Owl Post from Three Broomsticks, Hogsmeade. Available during this spooky season.

Chocolat Jardin | $18 (Pre & Main desserts)

Yoghurt bon bon and truffle mocha. Although it looks dreamy and the rose scent smells lovely, I’m still not a fan of these little balls. Acquired taste I supposed.

It's like a party going on on the plate with chocolate, matcha, lemon marshmallows, seasonal fruit sorbet, and garnished with edible flowers.

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FATCAT Ice Cream Bar
Blk 416, 
Bedok North Avenue 2,
Singapore 460416

Opening Hours:
Mon: 1pm - 9 30pm
Wed - Thu: 1pm - 9 30pm
Fri: 1pm - 10 30pm
Sat: 12pm - 10 30pm
Sun: 12pm - 9 30pm


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