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Sunday, October 25, 2015

The tantalising story of PERi-PERi flamed-grilled chicken started way back in 1987 in South Africa. It landed in Singapore in 2010 and has since known for their irresistible PERi-PERi sauces and quirky characters.

With the all new Nando’s additions, burgers, warps and pita are here to spice up its menu. Feature some of its hot favourites dressed in newly improved recipes, as well as Nando’s very own flame-grilled version of the bread-and-meat combo. The new burger, pita and wrap meals can be customised to suit every individual’s desired level of spiciness - lemon and herb, mild, hot or extra hot. Go easy with the spiciness, you can always add in more if it’s not spicy enough.

The burger, wrap and pita can be purchased as a la carte or bundled in a combo with:
1 Regular Sides | $2 additional or 2 Regular Sides | $3 additional.

The Regular Sides includes Spicy Rice, Mediterranean Rice, Coleslaw, PERi-Chips, PERi-Wedges, Grilled Veg, Garlic Bread, Three Bean Salad and Corn-on-the-Cob.

Designer Drinks | $4.90 each
(from left to right):
  • Citra - citra syrup mixed with Sprite and garnished with slices of fresh orange.
  • Madeira Red - a sweet, fizzy, pomegranate lemonade made with Sprite and finished with a delicious sugary rim.
  • Grapefruit Passion - fruity and flavoursome, this beverage blends grapefruit and passion fruit with Sprite. A perfect pick-me-up without the caffeine.
  • Sparkling Apple - this fun and flirty beverage made with real apple juice never fails to create a stir.
  • Citrus Bliss - mojito mint syrup, grapefruit juice and Sprite coupled with ice cubes and fresh mint leaves. Once spruced up with slices of fresh citrus fruit, she’s good to go.

Black Mushroom & Halloumi Wrap | $12.90 on its own - the wholesome wrap is served toasted, spread with chilli jam and tangy yoghurt sauce, lastly topped with fresh lettuce and mushrooms. Not only is it a vegetarian's favourite, it's pretty much the crowd's favourite too (that is if you are a mushroom fan too)! I love how the sauce and chilli jam gives it a unique combination to the taste.

Chicken Caesar Wrap | $12.90 on its own - stuffed with spicy PERi-PERi chicken, croutons, parmesan cheese and sundried tomatoes. This crunchy wrap is smothered in creamy Caesar dressing that provides a belly-filling alternative to just Caesar salad. I'll definitely pick this over the plain salad, at least it fills the stomach haa! Having the croutons in the wraps gives it the extra crunch but it's a little to hard than crispy.

Chicken Pita | $11.90 on its own - pita served toasted and stuffed with tender chicken breast strips, crispy veggie salad and creamy whip (together with 1 regular side of Three Bean Salad | $2 additional). I would prefer wrap to pita though, I like it when one bite of it and I can taste bits of everything.

Steak Burger | $16.90 on its own - tender basted beef fillet topped with fresh rocket, pickled red onions, homemade Perinaise (a blend of Nando’s special light mayonnaise with PERi-PERi) and delectably spicy Red Pepper stuffed between toasted Portuguese roll. (together with 1 regular side of Grilled Veg | $2 additional). Beef fillet were not as tender as I expected and am not the fan of the bread- toasted Portuguese roll.

Veggie Burger | $10.90 on its own - a crispy and protein-packed patty is smothered in chilli jam and tangy yoghurt sauce, sandwiched in fluffy Portuguese roll (together with 1 regular side of PERi-Wedges | $2 additional). Another dish for the vegetarians, however the crowd didn't seems to fancy this as much compared to the vegetarian wrap. We were hopping that the patty would be crispier and crunchier.

 Nando’s invention of Nandocas (an endearing term for Nando’s employees).

Nandoca’s Choice Burger | $16.90 on its own - comes with a premium-cut Peri-Peri chicken breast flame-grilled to sizzling perfection and topped with crunchy coleslaw nested within toasted garlic buns (together with 1 regular side of PERi-Chips | $2 additional). This burger over the other two for sure! It's a safer choice :)

The Nando's revamped menu with the following items is now available across all Nando's restaurants in Singapore.

Nando’s @ NEX
23 Serangoon Central,
Singapore 556083

Opening Hours:
Daily: 10am – 10pm

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