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Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Ippin Cafe Bar is Singapore’s first home concept Japanese cafe bar located along Mohamed Sultan Road. Every dream has a story. With that said, Ayumi Fujishiro left her job in Japan due to her temporary hearing loss and came Singapore to embark on an adventurous road in assisting her father to set up this café bar in 2004.

Their concept is to showcase a cosy home setting, allowing others to come by to enjoy the tranquil. It may be known as a hidden gem or one’s usual hangout for the comfort food, and not forgetting a drink to unwind from the hectic work life. Do you know Ippin Cafe Bar is known for serving classic Japanese home-style food or some said it is “better than mom’s home cooked food”. So here I am trying out the authentic cooking :)

This are the four set menu available at Ippin. Let's go into details below!

Grilled Oyster and Veggies in Ponzu (Yuzu Vinegarr) Butter Sauce Set [$20]
Oysters are imported from Hiroshima Prefecture, with more than 150 years history of cultivation, no wonder it is known for its oysters in Japan. The set is served with rice (with barley), Hatcho miso soup, Nikujaga pork and potato stew, salad and houjicha (roasted green tea) pudding. The pork and potato stew is perfect with the rice.

Deep Fried Oyster Set [$24]
These oysters are raised in clean ocean so be ready for a clean taste, yay to no more fishy taste! The oysters are lightly battered to golden brown, where it is crispy on the outside and still moist and tender on the inside. The set is served with rice (with barley), Hatcho miso soup, Nikujaga pork and potato stew, salad and houjicha (roasted green tea) pudding.
This set is served the same to the Grilled Oyster, the only difference is the oyster. 

Miso Udon Noodle with Oyster Set [$15]
Miso Udon is food for the soul in Aichi Prefecture. Using red miso from natural production method by placing koji (soybeans) in a wooden barrel for two summers and two winters. This set is served with kobachi (small dish) or salad and houjicha (roasted green tea) pudding. I love Japanese noodles and this lacks a little, a tad too dry too.

Oyakudon Set [$15]
Chicken and egg on rice (served slightly 'wetter'), hence those who prefer it dry, this may not be for you.  The secret of  oishii is dashi (stock), the chicken is boiled with dashi, that explains why it is so juciy! The set is served with Hatcho miso soup, salad and houjicha (roasted green tea) pudding. Definitely my go to for comfort food during rainy weather. 

Don't worry I have not forgotten about the Houjicha (roasted green tea) Pudding! My apologies this photo seriously do not do justice to how it taste. The pudding is on point with a full-flavoured houjicha taste. This is not to be missed! More servings for me please!

One of Japan’s top 2 tea appraisers - Mr Nobuki Mori, savour this rare gem for an unmatched taste experience from Shizuoka, Japan’s best tea garden. Marumo Mori Genmaicha The One is available for purchase at $7 for 100g or chose to have a cup brewed for you at $6! My favourite out of this three would be Houjicha.

Rattsu Chocolates :)

Exclusively only available at Ippin Cafe Bar, discover the beauty of each of these undeniably unique merchandise that travel all the way from Japan’s top prefectures to meet your taste buds. Bordered by wooden shelves of premium Japanese snacks, condiments, cooking ingredients, teas, sake, and even paper fiber clothing, envelopes a sake bar and a kitchen used for Japanese meals home-cooking class.

If you love sake as much as good wine, speak with their lovely sake sommelier for a food-friendly and price-friendly premium sake recommendation. Price ranges from $35 to $95 for 720ml.

Look out for it the next time you are along Mohamed Sultan Road.

Ippin Cafe Bar 
18 Mohamed Sultan Road 
Singapore 238967

Opening Hours:
11am - 11pm Daily


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