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Monday, July 06, 2015

Fine Fugu Kaiseki Restaurant also known as FUKU in short is the first restaurant in Singapore that specialises in Fugu (Pufferfish), outside of Japan. Quality at its highest whereby all their ingredients are imported from Japan. Out of the 100 species of pufferfish in the world, only 20 species of them are fit for human consumption. One of them is the king of all fugu, Torafugu or Tiger Pufferfish, and FUKU imports them twice a week all the way from Shimonoseki, Japan, recognised as the world’s fugu capital.

This post highlights on their best-value of fugu hotpots in two new soup bases, Soya Bean and Red Miso.

Although Pufferfish is known for as a poisonous delicacies but ALL IS 100% SAFE here in FUKU! Little do you know that the poisonous parts are actually the internal organs, and they have to be properly removed in Japan before having it flown to Singapore under Agri-food and Veterinary Authority (AVA) strict regulations.

The team at the helm has over 20 years of skill and specialises in the preparation of fugu in Shimonoseki. Leading the team is Chef Koji Tsukamoto, the one and only licensed fugu chef in Singapore. 

The gourmet experience started light with tasting portions of Kobachi (Fuku with Simmered Sauce). To my surprise, fugu actually does not have the regular fish texture. It is slightly tougher, somewhat comparable to chicken meat. 

Served alongside is the fugu skin (in the black bowl), it tasted like the Asian cold dish called 'Rubber Band' (usually served as a appetizer in Chinese wedding dinner), not sure of the exact name for it. The skin contains a superb level of collagen and is said to be popular among ladies for its beneficial effects on skin complexion.

Up a notch, a whole plate of paper-thin slices of Tessa (Fugu Sashimi) was served, together with the condiments and ponzu sauce. The chewy texture blew me away! It is so different from the cooked ones. I am glad to have ticked this exotic dish off my list! Indeed a gourmet experience, loving every bits of it.

Sushi is a must in Japanese restaurant, hence Fugu Sushi [3 pieces for $9]. It is equally good :)

Fugu is such an expensive and unique dish that you can't waste any parts and presenting to you, Fugu Karaage (Deep Fried Fugu) - using the cheeks and muscles from the bottom of the fish.
My apologies, this photo do not do justice (partly due to the dark lighting). The aroma is heavenly and the marination is amazingly good. The only obstacle stopping me is the chunk of bones.
Strongly recommend this for those who dare not try raw food but still wants to experience fugu. 

Moving on to the main highlight, Fugu Nabe (Hotpot) is filled with vegetables and of course fugu.

Fugu Nabe in Soya Bean Soup [$70/pot] - shares 1-2pax. The creamy, sweet and thick consistency satisfy a soup person like me. Fugu is not only low in fat content but is also a rich source of protein. What's not to love?

We tried the Fugu Nabe in Tecchiri (clear soup) [$70/pot] - shares 1-2pax. 
instead of the Red Miso Soup*. As it said to complements the pronounced taste of fugu. But I still prefers the Soya Bean Soup over this.

*The Red Miso Soup has a salter quality and it also helps to cleanse the palate, it is also available.

Another brand-new dish, Shabu Shabu Hotpot with A5 Miyazaki Beef [$70/pot] - shares 1-2pax. The beef is one of the higher grades, simply look at the gorgeous marbling. Where can you get such good beef at such reasonable price?

All hotpots are usually cooked by the team but we get the privilege of having Chef Koji to cook for us.

Spacious sittings and private rooms are also available inside.

Apart from the fugu dishes shown above, the restaurant also offers set courses featuring parts of fugu fish cooked in different ways. It is definitely worth trying!

FUKU Fine Fugu Kaiseki Restaurant 
14 Mohamed Sultan Road,
Singapore 238963

Opening Hours: Dinner only
Mon - Sat: 6pm - 11pm (L.O. 10.30pm) 


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