[CLOSED] Roosevelt's Diner & Bar @ New Bridge Road, Singapore

Saturday, May 23, 2015

Roosevelt’s Diner & Bar is situated in a quiet corner of Tanjong Pagar, away from the crowd yet easily accessible via NEL Outram Station exit.

Roosevelt is an eclectic modern restaurant that offers hearty all-day dining in a casual setting, with a huge slant towards artisanal and gourmet fares. Even their interior is characterised by an industrial chic décor with a touch of grunge eclecticism. Amongst the décor, one would find a vintage orange Vespa placed strategically beside this engine glass table supported on a geometric metal framework, with a behemoth racecar engine forming its base.

These are the dishes we tried during tastin :) I personally been there (using The Entertainer app, which is a great saving for me and my friends haa!), and I got to say Roosevelt is pretty generous with the servings.

My foodies tried this interesting shot out with the ever-so-cute bear latte art. The latte is a tad too sweet for my liking, as I prefer it to have a slight bitterness after-taste.

Crab Cake Benedict [$16] - crab cake, English muffin, poached egg, garlic mayonnaise and served with side salad. Something different from the usual egg benedict and is reasonably priced for a real crab cake! It is a good deal :)

Spiced Potato Bacon Hash [$16] - spiced potato, bacon, poached egg. served with house-made tomato relish. This is a heavy-flavoured dish and undeniably addictive! Mixed it up (including bursting the egg and tomato relish; which is not featured) for the uttermost taste. 

Breakfast Waffle Candied BLT [$14] - smoked ham, candied bacon, fried egg, lettuce, house-made tomato relish. served between two crisp waffle halves and with a side of corn-salsa and salad. This photo does not do justice to its taste! My foodies and I can't get enough of this, love the idea of candied bacon. So is it a sweet or a savoury dish? Haahaa.

 BBQ Baby Back Ribs [$22 (half), $28 (full)] - this is not part of the weekend brunch, and it is available throughout from lunch to closing. The meat was tender and flavourful. If you are a meat lover, this could be for you.

Brioche French Toast Waffle [$14] - brioche bun soaked in Amaretto-laced mixture to bring you a waffle-ised french toast. Quite a innovation! It blew my mind just by looking at the combination of goodness. We were told to have it eaten hot, as the texture differs when it cools and by the time we had it, the waffle is already tough.  Would love to try it again, hot this time!

Roosevelt’s Diner&Bar
Dorsett Residences,

331 New Bridge Road,
Singapore 088764

Opening Hours:
Mon - Thu, Sun: 8:30am - 10pm (L.O. 9:30pm)
Fri & Sat: 8:30am - 12am (L.O. 10:30pm)


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