Wanderlust : Seoul, Korea (Day 3) [Everland Theme Park]

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

My day three itinerary is dedicated to Everland theme park, as it is located off Seoul. Started the day with at Korea's famous fast food chain, Lotteria for brunch.

Directions to Everland:
Train to Gangnam  Station and exit no 6 or 7.
Walk straight till you pass dunkin donuts, cross the road and take bus 5002 from the bus stop in the middle of the road. Bus journey to Yongji takes approximately one hour.
Alight and take a free shuttle bus to Everland entrance.

Lotteria can be found at any major streets, serving Korean's speciality burgers such as OhJingEo Burger (squid burgerand Bulgogi Burger (grilled marinated beef burger).

Pardon for my sleepy face, I need food to kick-start my energy!

Door-less train gantry got me wondering if anyone ever dash in without paying? >.<

Alighted at Yongji and you will see the Everland shuttle bus waiting area.
Love the vibrant blue sky <3

Tips: bring your passport along for tourist discount
(a friendly Korean guy told me on the bus when I asked for directions to Everland)

Many of you might be wondering why am I wrapped up like this on a sunny weather!?
Please understand that mother nature decided to let Winter stay longer. Thus the weather is a bit of Spring sun and Winter breeze (the killer wind is when sun set and the weather drops below 5 degrees).

It's Tulip Festival in Everland (in Spring)!

To my surprise I see a camel in Korea!! :D
Take note that camel ride is a additional  6000W per person, excluding from the admission ticket.

The must take Safari ride in Everland!! Where you will get to see the legendary Liger (Lion + Tiger).
Up close with the animals, with them roaming around freely.

Smiling tiger :))

The highlight of the ride, meet  Liger (Lion + Tiger)!

They gave me a shocked when they suddenly stood up and pressed their paws on the glass panels. 

My other favourite beside churros from Universal Studios Singapore, Pino Sticks. It is filled with blueberry, chocolate and sweet potato inside. It's so good that I went back for more after finishing one. 

Check out my lunch :) Pork bulgogi with rice, beef stew and free flow of kimchi!

Keeping warm in the toilet!

We quickly took the sky ride back to the top, we didn't know it would be this cold out here. Partly also because we didn't dress well for the chilly weather.

The T Express is the first wooden roller coaster and the largest in South Korea. The 6th longest wooden roller coaster in the world at 5,838 feet long. It is also the steepest, with the first drop inclined at 77 degrees.
Sadly, it wasn't operating that day due to strong wind.

Only managed to take one outdoor ride at nigh cause the wind is too strong and our face and hands are numbed.

I gave up outside and decided to hide indoors! 

A total disappointment that we even missed the fireworks as we took the sky train up but little did we know that it was held at the pit of the park. Furthermore, the staff hardly understand us haa! 
Everland is divided into five sections: American Adventure, Magic Land, European Adventure, Zoo Topia and Roller Coasters, in addition to the Global Fair. Don't think I have covered all.

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