The Burning Oak @ Bedok Marketplace, Singapore

Thursday, April 16, 2015

Making a trip all the way to the east, so unfamiliar to me. But good news for those staying there! Previously known as Simpang Bedok Food Centre is now revamped to The Bedok Marketplace. The whole place gives a nostalgic feel with olden days shop front alike. Here to check out the newly opened yakitori shop, The Burning Oak.

Japanese Curry Risotto Balls - my favourite among the other dishes that day! A great combination to curry risotto inside a croquette, great texture as well. Thumbs up :)

Not too sure if it is sold individually, but according to their menu it is served in
The Burning Oak Set (for 2pax) [$26] :
4 x Curry Risotto Croquettes (aka Curry Risotto Balls)
4 x Chicken Thigh (Negima)
3 x Chicken Meatball (Tsukune)
3 x Pork Belly
2 x Housemade Cocktails

A slightly better come back with this Soft Boiled Egg (dish name not identified) with the oozing yolk from within. Soaked in their homemade black sauce, maybe they should cut down on the saltness but overall I quite like it!

Housemade Cocktail, Sake Oishii - a concoction of sake, ginger ale, lime and black olive power (the little black balls you see at the edge of the cup). This was served as a appetiser, got to say that this cocktail was a let-down as it comparable to diluted lime water.

 Yakitori Sticks (from left to right): Chicken Meatball (Tsukune) [$2], Chicken Thigh (Negima) [$2], Wagyu Beef Short Ribs [$6], Pork Belly [$2], and Iberico Pork Cheeks [$5].

Among the yakitori sticks, my favourite one is actually the Chicken Meatball and  Chicken Thigh. The Pork Belly and Pork Cheeks sauces drizzled at the top can be a little overpowering to the original taste, but it's worth a try. They have skewers ranging from classics to premium. At the moment, they have only two premium (Wagyu Beef Short Ribs and Iberico Pork Cheeks), in time to come they will add more perhaps.

This is actually a crowd's favourite, the 72 hour beef short ribs. If it were to reduce the beefy taste/smell, it would be perfect, lush and tender. But some just love the beefy taste, so it's kind of subjective.
Take note that the quantity is limited per day, while stocks last!

A warm thank you to The Burning Oak and Sophie for the kind invitation!
There is only a handful less of dishes to my liking and like I've mentioned, taste buds can be very subjective. Therefore it's hits and misses definitely. 


The Burning Oak
348 Bedok Road, 
Singapore 469560

Opening Hours:

Lunch (Bento only):
Tue - Fri: 12pm - 1:30pm

Dinner (Yakitori):
Tue - Thu: 6pm - 9:30pm (or when we are sold out)
Fri, Sat & Sun: 6pm - 10pm (or when we are sold out)
Please note that we only do dinner service on Sundays

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