MEDZS Breakfast Menu @ MEDZS Bistro & Bar, Clifford Centre, Singapore

Thursday, March 05, 2015

Attention all who are working in the central business district, this great deal is for you! MEDZS presenting their all new breakfast menu and is available from 8am to 11am during weekdays. On Saturdays, MEDZS will be extending the breakfast menu to an all-day dining one for brunch goers. They are easily accessible from Raffles Place MRT Station, Exit A.

Viennoiserie Mini Croissants: 
Pork Ham & Cheese [$3.90]
Lemonade Crab Meat Mayo [$4.90]
Turkish-spiced Chicken [$3.90]

 Breakfast isn't complete without a cup of good coffee, Hazelnut Latte [$4.90]. Their coffee tends to be too sweet for me at times.

 For the plated breakfast, Scramble Eggs with Chicken Sausage, Mushroom and Bacon [$5.90] - for the amount you are paying, don't expect big portions like those you get from cafes. This simplicity breakfast would be complete if the egg weren't overcooked.

The other plated breakfast, Egg White Scramble with Smoked Salmon Gravlax [$4.90] - health concious? This might be for you, egg whites "scramble" with smoked salmon and greens. Not my kind of hearty breakfast :)

Artisan Sandwiches and Baguette:
Laugen Brotchen with Pork Bierschinken & Red Cheddar Cheese [$11.90] (German)
Beef Pastrami with Rustic Baguette [$12.90] (French)
Olives Ciabatta with Prosciutto & Veal Paprika Lyoner Ham [$12.90] (Italian)
Italian Panini Bread with Tomato Capresse & Buffalo Mozzarella [$12.90] (Italian)

*note that these are served for sampling, the usual ones are much bigger*
Some of these breads are said to be eaten when served, if not it'll get hard after awhile and that's what we have experienced.

French Bread Pizza - Stone Oven Olive Bread (traditional) in a French pizza style: Pesto Herbs & White Mushroom Cream [$12.90] (actual serving size) - one of the better looking one haa.

Other flavours: Stuffed Cheesy Pull-apart Bread with Parsley & Basil [$9.90]
Magherita (Buffolo Mozzarella Cheese, Tomato & Basil) [$12.90]
Al Fruiti De Mare (Prawn, Tuna & Crab) [$13.90]

Salted Caramel Cheesecake [$6.90] - to my surprise this is my second favourite cake after MEDZS Rainbow Cake!
MEDZS Rainbow Cake [$6.90] - as mentioned, one of the best Rainbow Cake.
Red Velvet Cake [$6.90] - a tad too dry partly due to the chocolate ganache layered between the Red Velvet sponge cake.

Tips: From now till 31 March 2015, you can enjoy 50% off the price for all takeaway purchase.

MEDZS Bistro & Bar

Clifford Centre, #01-01
Raffles Place
Singapore 048621

Opening Hours: 
Mon-Thurs: 8am-10pm
Fri: 8am-11pm
Sat: 11am-8pm

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