Tomo Izakaya Chinese New Year Set Menu 2015

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Here at Tomo Izakaya with their special curated Japanese-inspired Chinese New Year set menus. There are a total of three festive set menus available: $333 (4-6 pax), $666 (6-8 pax), and $888 (8-10 pax)Tomo will be open on the first day of Chinese New Year and till 3am on weekends.

Not like the usual set menus offered in restaurants, Tomo's set menus come with appetizer, Yu Sheng, grilled dish, karaage items, rice dish, soup and dessert, as well as sake for tossing and pairing.
The set menu served that night was the $666 (6-8 pax), excluding the grilled dish: Grilled Lobster with Walnuts Miso Sauce which was not served.

Salmon and White Meat Fish Yu Sheng - Tomo's innovative Yu Sheng Tower, where the ingredients are delicately stacked in layers, to form a tower. It includes Amaebi (sweet shrimp sashimi), Tobiko (flying fish roe), Kanpachi (amberjack) and Salmon.

The Yu Sheng is available for ala carte and it comes in two sizes, $66 (3-4 pax), and $128 (6-8 pax). Premium add-ons such as Hokkaido Hotate, Chutoro and Ikura are available in medium and large sizes (additional $20 and $40 respectively).

1. Simmered Duck - sadden by the appearance as the meat is rather tough and dry.
2. Edamame - can't go wrong with this!
3. Deep Fried Baby River Prawn - a good bite to kick start your appetite.
4. Marinated Octopus Wasabi - though it may appear raw, in fact it isn't! It's crunchy and I love the wasabi after taste.

5. Unagi with Cucumber - I know it can't be compared to Japan's Unagi, but this not the best unagi I've eaten in Singapore. I was having high hopes on this dish but it disappoints, feels very rubbery.

Deep-fried Dish 1: Deep-fried Soft Shell Crab with Salad - Love the generous portions but the Soft Shell Crab seems to lack. Not as crispy as I expected it to be, overall pretty decent.

Deep-fried Dish 2: Deep-fried Whole White Meat Fish with Yuzu-flavoured Sauce - on the other hand, this is very crispy haa! Can't really taste the Yuzu sauce but it's good on its own too.

Braised Dish: Tenderly Braised Pork Soft Rib Bone with Japanese Rice Cake - a very interesting mix, probably one of my favourite dish of the night. It's easy on the chopsticks as the meat falls off from the bone almost effortlessly.

Rice Dish: Toro and Chutoro Sushi - loves the texture of the tuna, if only it can be served fresher.

Soup Dish: Prawn Miso Soup - nothing much to talk about a decent seafood miso soup.

Dessert: Hokkaido Dessert Plate - the dessert never fails! All four tasted heavenly :) Especially the green mochi in the bowl, some called it Matcha Warabi Mochi and it ooze too. Super addictive!

Tomo Izakaya @ Clarke Quay
3A River Valley Road,
#01-04, Clarke Quay,
Singapore 179020

Opening Hours :
Lunch: 12pm-3pm
Sunday-Thurday: 6pm-1am (L.O.: 12am)
Fri, Sat & Eve of PH: 6pm-3am (L.O.: 2am)

Operation Hours during CNY 2015
18 February 2015 - Closed
19 February 2015 - Open for Dinner only: Clarke Quay (6pm-1am), Esplanade (5pm-11pm)
20 February 2015 - Open for Dinner only: Clarke Quay (6pm-3am), Esplanade (5pm-1am)
21 February 2015 - Operating as usual

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