Marugoto Shokudou @ Broadway Plaza | Ang Mo Kio, Singapore

Saturday, January 24, 2015

Nestled within the bustling neighbourhood of Ang Mo Kio, in the refurbished Broadway Plaza, which once housed the now defunct eponymous cinema, a quality Japanese diner is set to dazzle with new gastronomic standards. Aptly named Marugoto Shokudou, with the first word meaning “to eat an entire meal”, they offer a menu of nearly 150 unique items. Also, reasonable set lunch and student meal are available, worth checking them out here!

Yu Sheng [NEW] - February's special, this will be available from 1 Feb to 5 Mar 
This is not your traditional Chinese Yu Sheng, it lean towards the Japanese's seafood flavours. Even the usual honey sauce is changed to yuzu honey.
P.S. they will be close on 18 Feb to 21 Feb (Chinese New Year period)

Calpis Apple and Calpis Grape - a tad fizzy but is rather refreshing. It has some jelly bites inside which I am not sure what is it. Overall it's a unique drink and I like it ! :)

Omakase Sashimi Platter [based on the photo it's approx $200 for 6 person - it usually depends on seasonal prices] - Salmon Sashimi, Maguro Sashimi (Tuna), Mekajiki Sashimi (Swordfish) and Chutoro (Medium Fatty Tuna). The sashimi are extremely fresh!!

Foie Gras Chawamushi [$8] - January’s special. Not sure if it will still be available in February. Definitely a twist to the Japanese Chawamushi, the Foie Gras is really soft and goes well with the egg, however I think the the richness of the Foie Gras over power the taste of the Chawamushi and get a little sick if consumed too much.

Beef Tataki Salad [NEW] - appetizing dish to kick start the meal. It is a Japanese technique of preparation, where the beef will be lightly seared, immersed and sliced. It is usually served with a citrus-soy sauce to go with.

Wafu Steak [$17.90] - pan-grilled tenderloin steak with garlic shoyu sauce, vegetables and fries. Adding the Western touch to it, served on a hotplate. Be sure to have it fast when served, if not the beef will be overcooked and tends to be tougher. We were busy taking photos and they became hard on the outside but the centred was still perfect, not try. I like my beef served medium rare!

Garlic Fried Rice - add on dish. Sadly, the garlic rice was not served hot and the garlic fragrant in the rice is not as rich as I expected.

Steamed Cod Fish [NEW] - you could tell that the fish is fresh from how succulent the meat is.

Tonkatsu [$13.90] - deep fried breaded pork loin. The texture is a little tough and dry, but it goes well with the sauce and mustard. Could be better in my opinion. 

Nigi Toro Don [$15.90] - minced raw tuna belly on sushi rice. Not for you if you are not a fan of raw food. The dish is served cold and the tuna isn't as flavourful though.

Tempura Moriawase [$13.90] - mixed seafood, vegetables and mushroom tempura. Pretty decent for the tempura, nothing much to shout about.

Tempura Ice-cream Vanilla [NEW] - something new on their upcoming menu! A very interesting dish or way of preparing the dessert I must say. It's going to be messy having this!

Tempura Ice-cream Chocolate [NEW] - Not everyone will like this unique twist, not to my liking of desserts.

Look out for this poster near the entrance of the restaurant.

With the friendly owners of Marugoto Shokudou :) 
Thank you for hosting us with your warm hospitality! 

Broadway Plaza,
4190 Ang Mo Kio Avenue 6, 
Singapore 569841

Operating Hours:
11:30am - 10:30pm (L.O. 10pm)
(Mondays: Closed during lunch)

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