Wanderlust : Taipei, Taiwan (Day 4)

Wednesday, July 03, 2013

Off for breakfast slightly earlier today as we are heading for Hot Spring! Which is totally not researched in my itinerary, as we thought it's covered in the guided tour.

We went to the concierge and ask them to recommend us of places we can go grab food nearby. We were told just opposite the hotel there's a few stretch of streets that has food.

How can you come Taiwan and not drink bubble teas? Haaahaas.

It's just made out of simple stuff like egg, chicken floss, etc and its so NOM! I would say it's like the Singapore's version of Roti Prata :P

I fell in love with the Tempura here!! LOVES.

Ah Zhong Mian Xian is over rated and I didn't queue for it the other night. I'm happy with the traditional shop houses ones. :)

Once the tummy is filled, we make our way to find Hot Spring in Xin Bei Tou 新北投, a northern district of Taipei famous for its Hot Springs.

So lost after alighting! That's why I like to do a bit of researching before heading to some place unknown.

If you on a budget, you can try soaking their feet in the spring water along the roadside or I would say the uphill slope.

We passed by Taipei Public Library Beitou Branch. Love the concept of the building.

There is a lot of hot springs and it's really hard to choose which to go. We have to look into the etiquette requires like whether is it a shared bath by both genders and the attire wise as some don't allow you to wear any clothing (including swim wear) in the bath. We are both a little shy and new to this so didn't want to make a fool out of ourselves in public and decided to pay a bit more for a private bath. We took a 2hours package which includes a room with tv, chair, towels, water and a bath with shower, which I think is reasonable for the price I'm paying (can't remember how much it cost already).

The hot spring water is connected to the pipes and note it can get quite acidic, especially if you go wounds on your body. We got rashes after soaking in it. 

Spa Spring Resort 水都溫泉會館
No.283, Guangming Rd.
Taipei 112, Taiwan


Heading to Shiling Night Market again :)

Let me introduce you the BOMB! It tasted heavenly though it's just POTATOO!!

Complete with nacho's cheese...hmmm yummy.... Missing it at this every moment~

We heard how sweet and nice Taiwan's fruits are. BE WARNED who you purchase it from. I got cheated, my fruits cost me NT$500 (SGD$20)! They seems nice letting you try this and that, throw in extra more fruits for you and then tells you the price. We were happily eating and then thought about the price, we got shocked after converting it to SGD!!

The most expensive few slices of fruits I've ever eaten in my life!

As usual, after returning to Singapore, friends and family who have seen my tweets or heard about it were saying how careless we are and SOME even got ripped off like us, also in Shilin Market. We suspect it's the same stall.

A *stabs myself multiple times* (heart pain) night. LOL.

Off to something sweet to cheer up oneself !

When we found the shop, the last order was over and we can only choose from the display shelves. Limited items :/

 Fell in love with the cheese tart on the first bite!


Banana smoothie~

Hello Kitty Sweets Restaurant
No. 90 DaAn Rd Sec. 1,
Taipei City
Opening Hours: 11:30AM to 10:00PM daily

Still feeling hungry then! No wonder they say Taipei is bad for the waistline!
More food hunt at Hwah Si Night Market.

So much walking makes me a hungry girl AGAIN haahaas.

 Found another good stuff!!

The photo is an understatement on the fried fish, it's not a normal fried fish though.

Loving Taipei for it's food and friendly people. Double smiles!! :)) One more day to go~

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