Wanderlust : Taipei, Taiwan (Day 5)

Saturday, July 06, 2013

If you do not know, McDonald is sociocultural. McDonald’s caters its menu in different countries around the world and they cater specialized menus to suit different cultures, e.g. McDonald serves beer in Germany.

Likewise, McDonald's sausage in Taiwan contains pork.
One of my goal when I travel, is to try the McDonald's in that country. You'll be surprise with the menu :)

Today's adventures "train" us to Tamsui 淡水.

Tamsui 淡水 Old Street is noted for the massive array of local Taiwanese snacks and seafood restaurants along the beautiful Tamsui River bank.

Believe It or Not Curiosity Museum features unique exhibitions for specimens of extraordinary creatures, animals and human such as the largest mouse, tiniest human skull, etc.

This rabbit is out of the world big!! AND it's still alive!!

The world's largest feather?? It's up to you to believe it or not.

There are plenty more creepy stuffs inside which I shall not post to gross you out.

The SpongeBob waffle :) how cute!! If I did buy it I won't eat it cause it's too cute to be eaten!!

I'm a fan of mushroomssssss!!
The legendary long ice-cream in Tamsui. I tired green tea and mango mix.

Took a bus to go Fisherman’s Wharf.

Tadaaa!! We are here!! :)

The path to the Lovers’ Bridge.
It's a long walk and it's quite crowded so we decided to just admire it from afar.

Before the sky turns dark, we head for Miramar Ferris Wheel, which is located in the Miramar shopping mall.

Off to Ximending 西门町for food hunt!!

Fried sweet potato :)

More fried mushrooms!!
We got to witnessed the fear of the stalls owners when they saw the police. They will run and scatter off into some ulu (deserted) corner and hopes the police won't catch them.

We finally found them again haahaas!

Yummy hot soup in this cold weather!! SHIOK ah~

A short walk at the Taipei Metro Mall (台北地下街), located underground of Taipei Main Station.


That marks the end of my Taipei, Taiwan (Day 5).
Thanks for reading and await for my next adventure. Maybe Bangkok, Korea and Hongkong? :)

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