Wanderlust : Taipei, Taiwan (Day 3)

Sunday, June 30, 2013

We are going on a one day tour today! As usual not in time for breakfast and we left on a empty stomach :(

Today's journey:
① Chiang Kai Shek
②Memorial Hall
③ Marty's Shrine
④ Mao Princess's House
⑤ Chiufen
⑥ Yehliu
⑦ Pixiu Handicraft Centre
⑧ Samao Valley Hot Spring
⑨ Shihlin Night Market

① Chiang Kai Shek and ②Memorial Hall
It's a monument built in memory of former president Chiang Kai-Shek. Rainy day and we have got no umbrellas plus it's chilly cold in this weather, we rather stay put and keep warm on the mini bus.

③ Marty's Shrine
We witnessed the ceremony changing guards, sadly on a rainy day. They do it hourly so make sure to come at the correct time to prevent waiting too long.

④ Mao Princess's House
Mao Princess House, Idasau is a minority nationality in Taiwan with a population of around 500 only. We were brought to a room to drink different ginseng tea and honey drink.

⑤ Chiufen
It is located up in the hills of northern Taiwan. I was starving then as it's a long way up!!

I'm a fishball girl :D

The guide was telling us the difference between beef noodles 牛肉麺 and  beef noodles soup 牛肉湯麺. Basically beef noodles 牛肉麺 includes beef, noodles and soup, you can have it dry and a bowl of soup will be given. Whereas beef noodles soup 牛肉湯麺 only includes beef soup without beef and noodles. That explains the price differences too!

P.S. Using traditional Chinese here as its easier to explain with the comparison to the photo.

Steamy hot beef noodle soup on a cold day. So shiok!!

Popiah wrap with crushed peanut and ice-cream! Great invention I must say :D

I'm captured by the beauty. Though it's freezing cold and drizzling out there, but I think it's worth it.

⑥ Yehliu Geopark 柳地质公园
Yehliu Geopark is a 1.7km long cape, the widest area in between is shorter than 300m.

That's my guide/driver for the day. Man he loves to chew on betel nut 槟榔!!

Can you picture the Queen's head 女王头?

 It is said to be left by the fairy; the fairy's slipper 仙女鞋.

Look at the big rock in the middle. Does it looked like a gorilla? Haahaas!


Honeycombs rocks.

Eagle's head.

⑦ Pixiu Handicraft Centre
Pixiu 貔貅 is a Chinese mythical creature considered to be a very powerful protector to practitioners of Feng Shui believed by the olden Chinese.

No photos were allowed in the shop. What do you do there? They will tell you that not all Pixiu can be touched, as it might eat your wealth away for their owners. They will explain to you the difference of pixiu and the method of touching them for your wealth, studies, etc.

⑧ Samao Valley Hot Spring
We are all prep for the hot spring when the others tourists with us on the bus wasn't looking forward to it. Being nice, the driver/guide drove us there to have a look. OMGOSH! The sulfur smell from the hot spring is so strong and it smelled like rust. It's then we decided to give it a miss, everyone on the bus did too!

⑨ Shihlin Night Market 士林夜市
We ended the tour early, even before the sky turns dark. We can drop off the shopping and heavy stuffs on bus and the driver/guide will bring it back to our hotel. We didn't stay long as we venture to Shida Night Market 師大夜市 instead.

We walked for a distance and smelled something nice so we joined the queue (Singaporean instinct again lols). Yong Fung Sheng 永豐盛 handmade baos/buns/mantou 馒头. There were so many different buns to choose from and all of them looked so good! The queue was rather fast moving, it was our turn in less than 15mins.

The bestseller pork bun.

I love black sesame so I got the black sesame bun to try. SO BLACK! HAAHAAS.

No. 111, Shida Rd.,
Business Hours: 07:30AM-11:00PM daily

Out searching for our "main course" for dinner at Shida Night Market 師大夜市.

Taiwan's famous Lu Wei 卤味 :)

Eating on the streets, blending into their culture.

Long day today and it's back to hotel to catch on my beauty sleep!!

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