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Friday, September 29, 2017

Healthy food doesn’t have to look and taste bland, at least not at Wafuken. The name “Wafu” means Japanese style of Western cuisine and “ken” derives from kenko, which means wellness in Japanese. 

Wafuken takes pride in prepping food from scratch as much as they can. Their main cooking method used is sous vide (pronounced su-veed), it translates to the process of cooking in a vacuum-sealing bag, speaking of healthy food with minimum seasoning!

Hop on the bandwagon to a healthy lifestyle in two simple steps – choose your favourite sous vide proteins, followed by the healthy options carbs and sides.

In frame, sous vide Norwegian Salmon Fillet | $10.0 (130g) is lightly seared aburi and sprinkled with konbu (kelp). Paired with Quinoa | $1.5, Wafu Salad | $2.0 and Avocado | $2.0.

I think sous vide is a great way of keeping the nutrients and flavours locked in. Also, it does not dry up the meat.

The Chicken Breast | $4.0 (half breast - 125g) is a good example here, it’s turned out soft, moist and tender. Even the Smoked Duck | $7.0 (half portion - 100g) is juicy and full of flavour. Feeling up for an indulgence? Tomato Pasta | $2.0 it is, with Wakame Cucumber Salad | $2.5 that gives you that spicy kick.

If you want them to pack a punch, then go for their house-made sauces such as Garlic Soy, Ponzu Pink Peppercorn, Black Pepper and Spicy Miso.

Donburi | $4.0 is perfect for a cheat meal, it is served in a bowl of rice with onsen egg, daikon and cucumber pickles. You have a choice of choosing Japanese brown rice or Japanese white rice. I strongly recommend going for the former, even for someone who doesn’t fancy brown rice like me. There’s just something about Furikake Japanese Brown Rice that doesn’t taste like usual brown rice, in a good way.

Complete the donburi with lightly seasoned 100-day grain-fed Oyster Blade Steak | $12 (full steak - 180g) and some Truffle Oil | $2.0. Bam this could be your very own customised donburi.

It may seems pricey to some, but healthy food never comes cheap to me anyways. Furthermore, the proteins were cooked using sous vide, which usually takes more than an hour to cook them. I guess this justify for the price, a good healthy (and filling) meal that is tasty too.

The full menu can be viewed here.

This is Wafuken’s second and newest outlet in OUE Downtown Gallery, with the nearest MRT at Tanjong Pagar. The plus point of the second outlet is that they are open for business on Saturdays, while the first outlet located a street away at Asia Square Tower 2 is closed on weekends.

Address: 6A Shenton Way, OUE Downtown Gallery #02-23, Singapore 068815

Opening Hours:
Monday-Friday: 11:00am - 8:00pm
Saturday: 11:00am - 3:00pm
(Closed on Sunday & Public Holidays)

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