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Monday, July 25, 2016

Matchaya 抹茶屋 was founded in 2015 when the dual, Kaelyn and Kevin took on a life-changing journey around Japan, in search for the finest ingredients from different prefectures and that story can be told through their signature teas. Besides the tea beverages, Matchaya also offer soft serve, swiss roll, macaron, toast as well as the latest product of tarts.

They started off with having pop-up stores around the island and now a physical store (takeaway counter) at Icon Village. A big congratulations on your success!! Support local C 

Let me introduce you to the revolutionary matcha ice cream, Cha Cha Pop | $8.0, a popsicle collaboration with Neh Neh Pop. This matcha popsicle comprises of two dips - the black molasses and houjicha feuilletine dip, followed by matcha dip with toasted sesame atop. This ingenious combination gave the simple matcha ice cream a punch in every bite. I think it’s worth every penny of mine! 

Since the houjicha soft serve was sold out the other day, (UPDATED below) We tried the Brulee Toast | $5.9 $6.7 which came in two spread – matcha and houjicha. Although it comes in only two choices but we were in a dilemma, and Kaelyn suggested to top up $0.8 to get both flavours on the toast instead. Our opinion was that the toast seems a little dry and was hoping for stronger tea flavours as well.

Updated! We managed to get hold of the last cup of Hojicha Soft Serve | $5.9 just before it's being rotated to Matcha, as it was requested by the public to have it and they brought it back for a week (stay tuned to what flavours Matchaya are serving that week on their Instagram account). The Hojicha soft serve were rich and it has the aromatic texture to it. I wouldn't say it your regular soft serve as this is really thick and can be too heavy for one, hence sharing is recommended.

They are churning out Goma soft serve now! Sadly, it was available only for a day on Sunday last week. I didn't get to try it though boohoo!

Next, we tried the Houjicha Roll | $4.9, a matcha sponge roll with houjicha cream filling. Indeed a brilliant idea to enjoy the best of both worlds, the cream was good but the led down was the matcha sponge which turns out to be drier than expected. It comes in Matcha Roll too; houjicha sponge roll with matcha cream filling.

I got tempted by the Houjicha macaron | $3.0 (too excited and ate without taking a photo) and ordered one to try, it's rather decent as the houjicha filling isn't as pungent as the cream filling from the swiss roll.

Matchaya goes by the regime that all Japanese milk tea flavours are carefully and meticulously selected and gone through at least 100 taste-tests before soft launching to the public for feedback. Not only are they passionate in serving high quality Japanese milk teas, but they have ours health interest at heart as well, by using organic-certified, no preservatives and using minimal sugar in their teas.

Note: the soft serve flavours are on a rotating basis and they are currently only serving matcha soft serve. Those who wish to try houjicha, will have to wait :)

Address: Icon Village, #01-72, 12 Gopeng Street, Singapore 078877

Opening Hours:
Mon-Wed: 12:00pm - 8:00pm
Thu-Sat: 12:00pm - 10:00pm
Sun: 12:00pm - 8:00pm

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