CRAVE @ ION Orchard, Singapore

Tuesday, May 10, 2016

The two most loved Adam Road Nasi Lemak by Selera Rasa and Amoy Street Teh Tarik by Rafee's Corner. You have heard about them separately but now they are under the same roof at CRAVE, operated by Pezzo Group, the largest pizza kiosk operator in Singapore. With the latest fourth outlet at ION Orchard's basement, it certainly offers a convenient access for food lovers all over Singapore and tourists to enjoy the two classics.

You may have also heard that Selera Rasa’s Nasi Lemak have been served to serval high-profile customers throughout South East Asia. So what’s their winning formula you ask? It consist of a combination of four premium staples prepared using Abdul Malik Bin Hassan’s (owner of Selera Rasa) family recipe that has been passed down over generations.

Firstly, the rice used is no ordinary rice but Basmati Rice, it is grown on snow-fed water and commonly found in the Himalayas. The long basmati grains absorb water but do not become overly wet hence the perfect fluffy fragrant coconut rice. Next, the fragrant Sambal Chilli is a signature blend made from both Indian and Japanese chillies. Under the fire for over five hours to produce the spicy taste and fragrance to compliment the other ingredients.

Followed by the crispy Chicken Wing that uses only the best quality wings with approximate of 120grams and an overnight marination from a secret recipe. This thorough process is required to achieve the chicken wing’s crispy exterior and tender flesh inside. Lastly, the Otah Otah is freshly made every morning with quality mackerel fish, then wrapped with banana leaves to impart a subtle sweet note. 

Rafee’s Corner’s Teh Tarik is made out from a unique blend of Indonesia tea dust and several different types of tea dust to get its current precision. Before that, the owner of Rafee’s Corner’s Mohamed Rabeek went through great heights to find the best blend for his teh tarik in Cameron Highlands, India and Indonesia.

His hard work has pulled off when he get the local’s praises and was one of the very few teh tarik stalls invited to participate in Singapore Day together with an elite circle of Singapore’s hawkers and restaurateurs in overseas countries.

Enjoy your Teh Tarik or Teh Halia | Hot $1.8 | Iced $2.2 or go along with the award-winning nasi lemak at $1 with any meal purchased.

A big thank you to Brand Cellar as well as the owners of Selera Rasa’s Nasi Lemak, Abdul Malik Bin Hassan and Rafee’s Corner’s Teh Tarik, Mohamed Rabeek for hosting and sharing the wonderful stories through your creations.

Address: ION Orchard, 2 Orchard Turn, #B4-58/59, Singapore 238801

Opening Hours:
Daily: 9.30am - 9.30pm

..Hosted Meal..

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