Peppermint Park @ Neil Road | Outram, Singapore

Tuesday, March 15, 2016

The team behind Tantric Bar has brought you a brand new pizza restaurant called Peppermint Park. They aim to outshine other pizza restaurants with their innovation of Asian flavours such as Sambal Seafood. Since Peppermint Park is located beside or rather inside Tantric Bar, the restaurant also offers a range of exclusive bottled sodas to go with the food.

Best of all, you don’t have to wait till the weekends to chill cause Peppermint Park is open till 3am on weekdays. Talk about midnight hunger pangs!

The menu consist largely on 12 inches hand-stretched pizzas, the best-sellers from the lot are the Sambal Seafood (which is my favourite) and Bruschetta.

The Sambal Seafood | $24.9 is created to please the Asian palette with the iconic home-made sambal sauce with squid, prawn, crabstick, and topped with arugula. Unquestionably unique to Peppermint Park and I must say the sambal goes well with the pizza. The sambal’s spiciness is half compared to the usual and brings a hint of sweetness as well.

In contrast, Bruschetta | $22.9 is a twist from Italian’s famous appetiser, tomato bruschetta on baguette. This pizza is crowned with a mixture of pork sausage, beef pepperoni, plum tomato, chopped garlic, thyme and balsamic vinegar. I love the idea of placing a scoop of chopped garlic with tomato in the centre of each slice of the pizza, it gives off a different texture in addition to the aroma.

For the sides, we got to try Fisherman's Pie and Wings Platter which are not released in their current menu.

The Fisherman's Pie | $14.9 is like the rendition of Sambal Seafood Pizza. It includes the similar seafood atop of mashed potato and finished with the final touch of melted cheese. Another combination that satisfies my taste buds.

Wings Platter | $12.0 is a mishmash platter of their existing wings with new ones. Consisting of spicy drumlets, crispy drumlets and honey wings. There’s something familiar about the spicy drumlets, as it does taste pretty similar to one of the known restaurant that serves them too. 

It is occasionally made with love by the PR and fellow foodie-friend, Gabriel. We were lucky to have him bake for us during the tasting session.

As mentioned earlier, you may enjoy your meal with the range of exclusive bottled sodas or go for Herrljunga Cider | $14.0 like us. 

It is a nice place to chill, go before the crowd comes around 10pm. Thank you for having me over for tasting.

Don't say I bojio, flash my Instagram post or quote 'NKIKICHUA' to enjoy 10% off total bill from Sunday to Thursday. This will be valid till 30th April 2016.

Address: 76 Neil Road, Singapore 088840

Opening Hours:
Sun-Fri: 8:00pm - 3:00am
Sat: 8:00pm - 4:00am

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