Xin Hao Ramen @ Bugis Cube, Singapore

Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Xin Hao Ramen is owned and managed by three young local entrepreneurs, situated in Bugis Cube, the rather unfamiliar mall with many. Bugis Cube is located opposite Bugis Junction and Intercontinental Hotel.

Xin Hao Ramen fortes lies in combing Japanese flavours with modern ingredients and offering them at affordable prices in a rustic setting. Even their ordering system is pretty straight forward with the self-service paperless innovation. Having the menu placed right at the entrance of the shop, choose your choice of ramen and proceed to the cashier with the wooden tags.

The mainstays on the menu includes Salted, Miso, Spicy and Shoyu Ramen. Each is unique on its own, expect for the tonkotsu soup which requires 8hours of boiling time. It is then mixed with seafood soup and other flavourings to create that single taste. Each ramen comes with crispy enoki mushrooms, grilled meat (pork belly or lean meat) as well as hanjuku eggs.

Here’s the three offered during the tasting:
Shoyu Ramen | $11 is certainly simplicity at its best with the fragrant shoyu based ramen. My choice of comfort ramen any time.

Salted Ramen | $10.50 is a tonkotsu ramen seasoned with sea salt. The soup lacks the consistency as each bowl of ramen is made on the spot using the same base; tonkotsu soup, hence it may get a little too salty.

Spicy Ramen | $11.50 soup includes grounded chilli and chilli powder. Enough to give you that punch. Then again, some bowl can be spicier than the other.

What’s new?
Spicy Miso Ramen | $11.50 made using the combination of spicy and miso soup, creating that unique spicy miso blend spiked with grounded chilli.

- The crowd pleaser Grilled Meat Don or Tempura Ebi Don, a bowl of Japanese rice topped with grilled meat or tempura ebi, runny egg and drizzled with spiced soya sauce. It also comes with deep fried enoki mushroom and Tonkotsu soup. 

- Sides such as Gyoza, Edamame and Tempura Ebi have also been added to the menu.

Add: Bugis Cube, 470 North Bridge Road, #03-19, Singapore 188735

Opening Hours:
Mon - Sat: 11:30am - 9:00pm

..Hosted Meal..

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