Pho Street's Vietnamese New Year Dish @ Westgate | Jurong East, Singapore

Friday, February 12, 2016

Pho Street is a quick service restaurant with a vibrant dining ambience, serving traditional Vietnamese food and targeting to reignite the Vietnamese food culture in Singapore by highlighting the vibrancy of Vietnamese cuisine. Hence, it is conveniently located at both ends of Singapore (Jurong East, Bedok and Changi Airport). Headed by Chef Hà Vị Cang Kenny, whom have more than a decade of experience in Vietnamese cuisine, and brings with him exciting new creations to whet diners in Singapore with the vibrant flavours of authentic Vietnamese dishes.

Besides Pho Street’s signature pho selections, there’s Rice Vermicelli (Bun), Fragrant Rice (Com) and Vietnamese sandwich (Banh Mi). This Lunar New Year, the Chef Kenny re-created a must-have Vietnamese New Year dish hailing from Southern Vietnam, Vietnamese Caramelised Braised Pork Belly with Rice and Egg Vermicelli (Thịt Kho) | $8.90 - slow-braised pork belly in sweet coconut juice to reveal the enchanting caramelised flavours, together with a hint of sweetness and spiciness from the chillies and black peppers. The pork belly is so soft and tender that the fats simply melts in one’s mouth.

Another signature dish from Vietnam not often found in Singapore is the Dry Rice Vermicelli, which is usually served with a crunchy mix of vegetables, pickled carrots and radish as well as an appetising sweet sour sauce. Pho Street’s put a little twist to it by roasted pork chop and spring roll, and bam you have the Dry Rice Vermicelli with Roasted Pork Chop and Spring Roll | $8.90

Not forgetting the authentic Banh Mi also known as the Vietnamese sandwich which is made up of French baguettes and mayonnaise with native Vietnamese ingredients such as cucumber, carrots and cilantro. Pho Street’s Banh Mi Combination | $6.90 consist of a crusty bread stuffed with pork belly, grilled beef and chicken ham, followed by mayonnaise, pickled carrot & radish, cucumber, chilli and cilantro.

After the mains, I believe Vietnamese food tends to include black pepper in almost all the dishes, as a result you may want to quench your thirst or spiciness with the refreshing fizzy Lemon Cooler with Peppermint and Basil | $3.50 or with the fruity bubbly Passionfruit and Basil Mojito | $3.50. If you ask me, I would prefer the former. Although my go-to drink has always been lemongrass but I don't think Pho Street's pleases my palette.

Do not miss out on the array of Vietnamese street snacks (Mon An Nhẹ) offered. From Crispy Fried Chicken Mid-wings served with Caramelised Sweet Dip | $4.90 to Fresh Summer Rolls with Prawn, Pork Belly and Fresh Herbs | $4.90 for 2 rolls. I’m sure there will be one that pleases your taste bud. Alternatively be blown away with the Sesame Rice Crackers with Fragrant Minced Meat and Spices Dip | $6.90, it absolutely taste better than it looks. The combination are heavenly, I wouldn’t mind paring it with a bowl of white rice even.

If all else fails, go for the Vietnamese Snack Platter | $8.90. It offers a good mix to go with your mains which consists of crispy fried pork rolls, roasted chicken skewers and Vietnamese crabcakes (2 pieces each).

Lastly but not least, to complement your meal, Chef Kenny have also created Cream of Mung Bean with Coconut Sauce and Crushed Peanuts | $3.50, an authentic Vietnamese desserts for the sweet-tooth in you. It can be quite heavy and I recommend sharing it. For those who don’t fancy milky coconut, this may not be to your liking. If you are adventurous enough, go for it! It tasted slightly alike the Chinese’s tau suan which is also made from mung beans.

I would like to thank my BFF for bringing me along for this tasting and also the warm hospitality from the PR. Well, people who eat are always the best kind of people to be with :)

Add: Pho Street @ Westgate, 3 Gateway Drive, #B2-K6/K7, Singapore 608532

Opening Hours:
Daily: 11am - 10pm (L.O. 9:30pm)

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