Mary Chia Group's MU Experiential Kit

Thursday, February 11, 2016

Being the leading beauty and wellness spa brand with over 30 years of experience and expertise in providing premium and quality beauty, slimming, and spa services for women. Mary Chia Group is proud to introduce MU, a revolutionary product line to combat ageing and reverse its effects, this comprehensive range comprises nutritional dietary supplements as well as skincare and body care products.

I’m honoured to try a bit of everything with this MU Experiential Kit. It comprises of:
- MU DETOX PRObiotics
- MU MIEUX Collagen Beauty Drink
- MU V.TIVATE Mist Spray
- A complimentary treatment (choice of Facial, Slimming or Massage worth up to S$145)
- A S$50 MU Product Voucher

The kit is now valued at S$98 online instead of its normal price at S$118 - but being my reader, you can get your hands on this kit at S$88 when you enter <MU3454> upon checking out on

A sachet of MU DETOX PRObiotics helps to return your digestive tract to its pink of health by introducing “happy” bacteria into your gastroin, as it contains a unique formulation with live nanonised lactic acid bacteria, which is a good bacteria that the body needs.

MU MIEUX Collagen Beauty Drink
Boost your immunity system and get beautiful skin just by drinking a bottle of MU MIEUX Collagen. It is a nutritional dietary supplement that is formulated with BHN (Marine) low molecular peptide collagen, enriched with ceramide and apple extract to help nourish skin from within, and combat photo-ageing by retaining moisture, preventing DNA damage and the deepening of wrinkles. It also contains Co-Q10 as well as vitamins C and E to bring about enhanced skin hydration, elasticity and luminosity.

MU V.TIVATE Mist Spray
I'm so happy to welcome this revolutionary MU V.TIVATE to my life, being the first-ever mist spray that lifts and hydrates skin within 10 minutes. The spray is made with a secret formulation using ingredients from France, which boosts its anti-ageing properties. According to a recent survey, participants who used MU V.TIVATE experienced instant facelift and increased hydration level of up to 30% within minutes.

The mist spray has four key functions:
Lifting: Prevents sagging and reinforces the skin's architecture to achieve a firmer appearance
Hydrating: Optimises hydration and provides long-lasting protection from moisture loss
Regeneration: Restores volume and recaptures a more youthful contour and sculpted look
UV Defence: Provides protection from the sun’s ultraviolet (UV) rays, which cause premature ageing

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