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Saturday, December 19, 2015

Delifrance has also introduced a new array of pastries, Almond Croissant | $4.50 - presenting a new spin on its signature French croissant, which produce a honeycomb like interior and that is a testament to the bakers's artisanal finesse. The Almond Croissant is topped with generous amount of crispy almond flakes and snow powder. 

The three new crumbly with a golden-brown crust tarts includes Lemon Tart | $4.50 - loving the tangy and zest flavours from the combination of lemon juice, lemon curb and thin layer of white chocolate. Chocolate Tart | $4.50 - filled with Belgian chocolate, with a glazed top layer and a ganache cream of 64% chocolate content at the bottom layer. Almond Pear Tart | $3.80 - chockfull of pear slices married with almond cream, followed by sprinkling almond flakes and confectionery sugar over the top. The tart is slightly different because it is made with piquant ground almonds. Undoubtedly, my pick would be the lemon tart!

Not forgetting Delifrance's classic Madeleine, Chocolate Madeleines and Blueberry Madeleines | $4.80/each (6 pieces in a box) - expanded so that you will be spoiled for choices with two additional flavours. The shell-shaped have crisp exteriors and yet extremely moist interior. My choice would be the chocolate ones.

Note that the Tarts are NOT available at Great World City and Singapore Changi Airport Terminal 2 outlets. The rest are available at all outlets.

This season, Delifrance celebrates the festive by introducing a smorgasbord of French specials and signatures prepared by master bakers, patissiers and chefs. Not a fan of cooking or just don’t want to make a mess in the kitchen? You can now bring home these beautifully decorated dishes such as Traditional Roast Turkey | $90 (5.4kg) - a classic Christmas focus on every Christmas table. The juicy turkey is stuffed with flavourful chestnut and marinated with Cajun spice. Savour it with cranberry sauce and chicken gravy. 

Another classic dish served during Christmas, Honey Glazed Chicken Ham | $50 (2kg) - a succulent chicken ham baked to golden brown and glazed with honey, served with tangy pineapple sauce. Roasted New Zealand Striploin Beef | $68 (2kg) - cured with Chef’s seasoning and topped with pepper sauce for the extra sizzle to the season. The beef is served slightly pink in the centre.

Christmas can’t do without a log cake, Delifrance got it cover with a variety of 3 log cakes to choose from and all weights at 1kg. Indulge in Delifrance signature, Joy of Delifrance | $60 - this log cake is made with pillowy chocolate sponge layered with 100% Valrohna Fine French Chocolate. It is known for its velvety texture and the smiley log face that the children fancy. As it is 100% Valrohna I expected it to be slightly bitter, but it isn’t.

Never judge a book by its cover with White Chocolate and Raspberry | $48 - sweet white chocolate sponge combined with the thick tangy raspberry coulis. It may look simple but it's pleasing on the palette, no wonder it’s the crowd pleaser during the tasting session. Matcha Azuki | $48 - as the name define it, this is a Japanese inspired matcha-enriched sponge roll with sweet Azuki beans. Sadly, the Azuki beans weren’t distinctive enough.

Other sweet treats like Festive Eclairs | $8 (4 pieces in a box) - made from choux dough and is available in Chocolate, Coffee, Vanilla and Rose flavours. Also, Season’s Macarons | $20 (8 pieces in a box) - comes in colours of the merry seasons, Peppermint and Raspberry flavours. They could go light with the colouring though. 

All the above are available for ordering at www.delifrance.com.sg. Self collection will be made available till 3 January 2016, 11am or 5pm. The last day for Christmas Day collection is on 21 December 2015, 3pm.

Not having a party at home? No worries, you can celebrate Christmas at their outlets with Santa Roasted Half Spring Chicken | $14.90 - tender chicken marinated with Chef’s secret recipe and topped it off with a moreish rosemary sauce. Alternatively, Santa Baked Chicken Roulade | $13.90 - baked chicken tight rolled with spinach chicken moose.

Do visit www.delifrance.com.sg/outlets for the list of outlets.

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