Miam Miam: High Tea Set @ Bugis Junction Mall | Victoria Street, Singapore

Saturday, May 02, 2015

Miam Miam has unveils a brand new French-Japanese high tea sets and desserts. The restaurant is known for marrying French techniques with Japanese-inspired flavours and ideologies, and this finesse is shown in these new offerings. Check out the savoury items in Miam Miam here! :) Also, find out how to enjoy 30% off the high tea set at the end of the post.

Savour the revamped dessert menu features mouth-watering sweets. Such as Yuzu Pancake [$12.80] - pancake topped with crunchy sesame crumbs, yuzu jelly and served with vanilla softee. Yuzu is a rare citrus fruit from Japan has been touted a super fruit, and its sharp notes will refresh senses. Suitable for those who fancy tangy flavours, I personally love this the pancake with the light citron sauce together with the jelly, the softee on the other hand tasted a little weird as it doesn't have the vanilla flavour. Also, the pancake seems to be a little dry even though the outer crust is crispy. Have always delight in their pancakes as the previous ones I tried was good.

Delight in the earthy taste of the roasted Japanese green tea leaves in Hojicha Pancake [$13.80] - pancake is filled with the mild and aromatic green tea flavour topped with mochi, Azuki and Hojicha cream. All eyes on the mochi please! Haa it is that yummy. This pancake appeared to be more moist partly of the brown sugar syrup.

Panna Cotta [$7.90] - velvety texture and wobbly base, topped with fresh strawberries and pureed mix berries. Not the best panna cotta, as the texture seems too firm somewhat like pudding instead.

Finally the star of the highlight! High Tea Set above is High Tea Platter for 2 [$26.90] - consisting of 3 savoury and 7 sweets, such as Quiche on Toast, Croque Monsieur, Mango Yuzu Mousse, Japanese Cheesecake, Chocolate Creme Puff and more.

The dessert menu will be available throughout the whole day. Whilst the high tea set menu will be available from Monday to Friday, 2.30pm - 5.30pm. 

It also comes in 1, 2 or 4 servings:
·  Solo High Tea Set [$12.90] - choice of dessert from the menu and a cup of coffee or tea.

·  High Tea Platter for 2 [$26.90] - Includes 3 premium savoury and 7 sweet treats and any 2 drinks from Miam Miam’s coffee/tea menu.

·  High Tea Platter for 4 [$48.90] - Includes 6 premium savoury and 14 sweet treats and any 4 drinks from Miam Miam’s coffee/tea menu.

Note that the drinks available for the high tea set is limited to:
Coffee: Hot Coffee, Hot Cafe Au Lait, Iced Cafe Au Lait
Tea: Darjeeling Tea, Earl Grey Tea, Chamomile Tea
Matcha: Hot Matcha, Iced Matcha


Mother's Day High Tea Promotion (8 May to 10 May 2015, 2:30pm - 5:30pm)

·  Bring your mum to Miam Miam
·  Take a selfie with her and post it on Miam Miam's facebook page
·  Enjoy 30% off High Tea Platter for 2

Miam Miam @ Bugis Junction
200 Victoria Street,
Singapore 188021

Opening Hours:
Mon- Sun: 11:30pm - 10pm

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