Happy 3 Bites Café @ Everton Park, Singapore

Monday, July 07, 2014

Introducing Happy 3 Bites Café, serving western cuisine, a pretty new to the industry. Located under a HDB flats, lies a National Environment Agency (NEA)-approved pets café where pet owners are able to dine with their pets. This small cosy café is owned and managed by two guys, and a occasionally one or two part-timers.

Overall, for the generosity of portion and being reasonably priced, Happy 3 Bites Café is worth a try.
The drink we've tried were pretty good too! If you like the cool minty taste, try the cucumber freeze. 
Plus point, the owners were really open to feedbacks and appreciated my honest opinions!

Truffle Fries [$9.90] 
Was recommended by a friend that their Truffle fries was really good. But to my disappointment, it wasn't that good as it was too oily and soggy. The owner actually came out to apologized that it was badly done this time, as it was done by another owner.

 All Day Big Breakfast [$14.90]
A very simple breakfast. Overall its oily (even though it's olive oil) and the scramble egg is a tad bit too buttery.

 Bacon Aglio Olio [$11.90]
Beside putting too much olive oil, this pasta would be perfect! Love the generous portion of bacons :)

 Fish & Chips [$15.90]
Very generous portion and a very unique truffle chips! In my opinion, these chips tasted better than the truffle fries.

 Chicken Cutlet [$14.90]
Slightly less oily truffles fries with overly herb-ed chicken. Really crunchy!

 Durian cheesecake was done differently this time for us, usually was in cake form. It tasted quite a nice combination. I would think it would taste better with the cake form as it must be tasted together with the crust to bring out the cheesecake flavour.

Special thanks to my for friend for reserving this for us, if not it would usually be sold out. 

 Rainbow Cake [$6.90]
This rainbow cake has room for improvement. It's dry and harder as compared to other café's rainbow cakes.


Blk 6, Everton Park,
Singapore 080006
Tel: 9834 8776

Operating hours:
Wed - Mon: 9am - 9pm
Closed on Tuesdays

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