Kohaku's Edomae Tendon @ Eat At Seven | Suntec City, Singapore

Tuesday, August 02, 2016

Kohaku's edomae tendon is the newest and the final (seventh) concept to complete Eat At Seven in Suntec City. This comforting bowl comes in two tempura options, Vegetables or Kohaku. It consists of several tempura from vegetables to shrimp and seafood, then drenched in Kohaku’s secret homemade sauce.

It comes in an option of original or spicy flavour, the original flavour consist of special sauce and black sugar which brings out the tempura’s piquancy and sweetness. While the spicy flavour is specifically catering to Singaporeans’ love of spicy food. I went with Kohaku Tendon Spicy Flavour [$15] and I think the hint of spice is quite intriguing, it isn't the kind of spiciness that burns your lips though.

There’s something about Japanese rice that I can’t resist, without a doubt it’s the same at Kohaku. They uses Nanatsuboshi rice that is imported from Hokkaido, it cooks up into a fluffy, plump rice, and commonly used for Japanese food as it brings out the right balance between the sticky texture and sweetness.

If this is not enough to fill your stomach, you may choose to complete it in a set – Kohaku Tendon Spicy Flavour + a bowl of Udon | $19.5

A common sight in most Japanese restaurants, chilli flakes and free flow Japanese ginger. Kohaku paired the ginger with yuzu, the ideal palate cleanser, a break from the filling portion.
Here I’m having Iced Green Tea (free-flow) | $2. It looks unexpectedly greener than usual green tea (don’t worry its safe haa), that’s because they uses premium green tea powder and it’s not meant to be served hot too.

Besides using high-grade sesame oil and cooking oil, the secret to crispy tempura (even if it’s drenched in sauce) derives from the special cooking technology that make sure the oil is kept clean and fresh even after repeated frying. Witness it for yourself as it an open kitchen concept, hence expect to smell after dinning. However, you won't smell as bad it gets from Ginza Tendon in Tanjong Pagar.

Address: Eat At Seven, Suntec City Mall (Tower One), 3 Temasaek Boulevard, #03-310/311, Singapore 038983

Opening Hours:
Daily: 11:30am - 10:00pm

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