[CLOSED] Andong Zzimdak (安东찜닭) @ Raffles City | City Hall, Singapore

Monday, November 30, 2015

Singapore has recently became the bustling pot for Korean frenzy, and I’m referring to the endless franchise stores. One of the newer hypes located at the basement of Raffles City Shopping Centre, Andong Zzimdak (찜닭). They have more than 65 stores in Korea and you might have actually seen this in the heart of Seoul, Myeongdong.

Brought to you by the same folks that brought in Yoogane in Singapore. Andong Zzimdak specialises in Andong jjimdak, a dish that originated in Gyeongsangbukdo, Andong, and jjim means a Korean steamed or boiled dish + dak means chicken. There you have it, a dish made with chicken, various vegetables such as potatoes and carrots, marinated in ganjang (Korean soy sauce) based sauce and simmered to perfection. Andong jjimdak is often enjoyed by many and is served in big portion that are meant for sharing.

There are four types of jjimdaks and we choose the Boneless Jjimdak | $49.90 for Medium (shares 2-3pax) | $59.90 for Large (shares 3-4pax) - this is an alternative to their signature, the original ones with bones. This plate of goodness is filled with tender and boneless chicken thigh meat, carrot, potatoes and thick chewy sweet potato noodles, and marinated in spicy ganjang (Korean soy sauce) based sauce. Dokboki (rice cake) was an additional toppings at $3.90. You could also order additional noodles or steamed rice. It would really taste so much yummier if it was in hot pot style keeping it hot, especially it'll take time to finish savouring this big plate and the food turns cold after a while.
Although jjimdak are generally spicy, we don’t think it’s spicy at all, spicy lovers should probably go for Maya Jjimdak (spiciest with three chilli symbols whereas the rest are just with one chilli symbol).

We had Mini Seafood Pancake | $9.90 for the side dish. This is unlike the usual Korean pancake I was expecting as this was made locally in-house, and due to space constraint mini ones would be more ideal. It tasted more like Thai fishcake to me, not complaining as I like them and it goes with the dip too. 

It's pretty decent for drinks where we tried their signature Iced Citron Tea | $3.50 and Hot Citron Tea | $2.50
The food were served very timely, less than 10 minutes, somewhat like a fast food concept but with limited seating capacity and close proximity of the tables. Furthermore, it can get a little noisy after a while, not ideal if you want to have chats during your meal.

Raffles City Shopping Centre, 252 North Bridge Road, #B1-44F, Singapore 179103

Opening Hours:
Daily: 11:30am - 10pm (L.O. 9.15pm)


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