Dilmah Tea Workshop @ Earle Swensen's (Vivo City)

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Dilmah is a family-owned company that started with a passion and and nurtured by Merrill J. Fernando to share his passion for 'real' tea with millions of tea lovers around the world. All teas come from the same plant, Camelia Sinesis, what differentiates them is the manufacturing process. There are four types of tea: Black, Oolong, Green and White tea. Also, all Dilmah tea are garden fresh and un-blended.

Introducing a new range, Dilmah Exceptional, where it embodies freshness and authenticity of flavour, reflecting exquisiteness in its absolute vibrancy. Categorised in Black tea, Green tea, Infusions, Black tea with herbs and fruits, and Flavoured black tea.

Hands on in experiencing the tea pairing with Earle Swensen's Chips ‘n’ Slaw Sandwich - love the cheese toasted bread. We were given two small cups of tea to pair it with, Peppermint and English Breakfast tea. I prefer the latter as I find the peppermint over power the savoury food.

Learn how to pair your food with tea, with a simple guide below:
White tea - delicate food
Green tea - salads, seafood and fried food
Black tea - sweet and rich savoury
Oolong tea - sweet, snacks and cakes

After a short presentation, I understand that there’s even a “formula” for brewing your tea, such as the water temperature, amount of water and how many minutes later should the tea bag be removed. Dilmah teas comes with instructions at the back of the box or sachet.

Swensen’s Special Ice Cream Cake paired with Dilmah Expectional teas:
Ceylon Green Tea - a pale yellow infusion tinged with olive highlights. A pleasantly gentle tea with a lightly sweet finish.
Elegant Earl Grey - a bold and bright single region Ceylon tea, balanced by the floral and fruity flavour of bergamot creating a refreshing and delightful medium strength Earl Grey.

Thank you Open Rice invite to Dilmah Tea Workshop courtesy of Earle Swensen's and Dilmah.

Research has shown that tea are actually very beneficial, it fights heart disease, cancer, diabetes, ageing and oral health. Natural plant derived foods generally contain antioxidants although the antioxidants in green and black tea are much greater than levels found in fruits and vegetables. As a general rule, two cups of tea are equivalent in antioxidant capacity, to five portions of fruit or vegetables. 

Indulge in the Exceptional tea experience at Earle Swensen's now!

Earle Swensen's @ VivoCity
1 HarbourFront Walk,
Singapore 098585

Opening Hours:
Daily: 10:30am-10.30pm

..Hosted Meal..

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