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Wednesday, September 02, 2015

Eat At Seven is a 7 acclaimed food specialist concepts from japan now under one roof, featuring its first concept ENBU - Singapore’s first-ever Warayaki and Charcoal Grill Izakaya. Eat At Seven is situated at Suntec City’s newest Sky Garden, the restaurant is able to accommodate 600pax capacity. The sprawling belt will include a sushi restaurant, warayaki izakaya and more.

ENBU means “Dance of Flame”, and they offer a unique grilling experience with straw and charcoal grill, which lend a wonderful smoky fragrance to its wide array of fresh and exquisite cuisines.

Sashimi Moriawase [$60 onwards for 2 pax] - can't deny the sashimi burst out in freshness especially when they airflown here twice a week! It's my first take on Sea Urchin and boy it’s an acquired taste.

Smoked Salmon with Homemade Cheese Tofu [$12] - not a bad combination for a starter.

Deep Fried Tofu [$12] - I am amazed at how crispy the exterior is and yet still soft on the inside.

Warayaki izakaya is a traditional cooking method that has its roots in Shikoku, Kochi prefecture. Chef Tatsunori Yara is the head chef, and he has combined traditional cooking methods with a new-style izakaya presentation to create a true and exciting Japanese izakaya taste.

Chicken Warayaki with Special Spring Onion Sauce [$12] - the aroma fills the kitchen as we make our way to witness the process of how it was prepared. The chicken were meant to eaten like the Korean meat, wrap with lettuce, with onions, cucumbers and a spread of sauce.

Taco Salad [$15] - a bottle of greens, egg, tomato, avocado, corn and minced meat is poured onto the crispy taco and topped it with shredded cheese. It can get really messy and looks unappetizing but don't be deceived. It is pretty addictive and yummy too! A healthy salad with a bit of calories, not too sinful I would say.

Homemade Steamed Tofu [$12] - it tasted so much like chawanmushi :) after adding the ponzu sauce, wasabi and ginger, it's a total different taste. Loving every mouth of it!

Katsuo Warayaki [$16] - one of ENBU signature dish, using the unique method of straw and charcoal grill. Katsuo is a medium-sized perciform fish in the tuna family. It is served semi-smoked where only the outer surface is roasted while the inner portions remain raw.

Oyster and Spinach Teppanyaki [$15] - this has to be my favourite dish for the night! The sweetness not only came from the oysters but also from the torched sea urchin sauce. Best of all, these oysters doesn't carry the fishy taste.

Jya Jya Men [$13] - a small bowl of goodness, note that this is only a tasting portion. Pretty decent with a saltier after taste to it.

Overall, this may not be your ordinary Japanese restaurant, it is full of surprises. You may also find yourself liking one of the dishes there. I wouldn't say it's over the top but it's worth trying!

3 Temasek Boulevard,
Suntec City Mall,
Singapore 038983

Opening Hours:
Daily: 11am - 11pm

..Hosted Meal..

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