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Friday, December 12, 2014

My apologies for the month long hiatus, as I have been busy with school assignments and exams. I am now back to clear my backlogs so expect more food posts from me, especially during this Christmas period :)

Don't be mistaken with Arbite @ Serangoon Gardens. Though both restaurants are managed by chef and owner Marc Wee, it serves two different concept of food as well as layout. Over here at A for Arbite, the classroom inspired atmosphere just gives it a more casual, back-to-school feel. You will be surprised that all these delectable dishes are invented by Marc and it is all about adding fusion to local delights. One thing I love about A for Arbite is their generous portion of food.

Appetizers/Small bites (from top left to right):
Laksa Salad [$15] - Laksa and curry leaves, prawns, squid, cherry tomatoes, cucumbers, mesclun greens and topped with coconut and chilli vinaigrette.

Steakhouse Fries - Buah Keluak dip with chilli salt [$12] - Buah Keluak is a ingredient mostly found in Peranakan or Nonya cuisine. The fries also comes in Truffle dip in Truffle oil, Fries of the month and having it plain.

Duck Roll [$12] - Duck rillettes, smoked duck breast, dried mushrooms, water chestnuts, grapes and a chilli gastrique.

The laksa flavour/taste isn't very over powering but still adds a zinc to it. However the price for this seafood salad, but not be money worthy.

Whereas, for the fries with chilli salt, I think it's good on its own but am still amazed at the Buah Keluak (a type of nut with a hard outer layer, inside contain a kind of zesty blackish liquid, and can be found mostly in Peranakan or Nonya cuisine). 
My favourite would be the Duck roll, in fact it tasted like Ngo Hiang aka Lor Bak aka 五香肉 (a Chinese sausage-lookalike roll made up of of various meats and vegetables), thumbs up for achieving it.

Salmon Florentine [$16] - Smoked salmon, poached eggs, cream spinach, burnt butter hollandaise and fresh greens, and comes with your choice of thosai (rice and semolina crepe) or herbed foccacia.
This dish is very well localised, a good mix of Indian and Western fare. If you eat the fillings individually, it might get too salty so do have a good mix of all in one bite.

Salted Egg Crab Pasta [$24] - Zita pasta, salted egg, crab meat, chilli, deep fried soft shell crab and curry leaf oil.
A photo worthy dish, the name itself draws our anticipation!
 The ideal way of having this is to mess it up in order to get a good proportion of salted egg in each bite. Somehow I would prefer penne paste added to this dish, probably because the length of zita pasta is longer and it gets too much.

XO Lobster Pasta [$34] - Squid ink tagliolinni, half Boston lobster, mushrooms, goma sauce and 'XO' chilli.
I would say this is definitely a crowd pleaser!
Love how they made the pasta into Mee Pok like (a type of Chinese noodles). This dish is served spicy so do inform the staff  upon ordering, if you would like to reduce the spiciness. A tad too dry for my liking but the lobster makes it up to me. Notice the dried shrimps sprinkled around? Those actually helps to boost the flavour and add an extra crunch.

Adobo Pork Ribs [$20] - Pork ribs braised in soy and vinegar, served with glutinous rice balls stuffed with serunding (coconut) and seasonal greens.
Adobo (a type of cooking method widely used in Philippine cuisine). The pork was softer than the usual pork ribs outside and the marination with pork rib was a first I've seen.

A look inside the coconut stuffed glutinous rice balls. It wasn't how I would expect it...

DESSERT TIME! No matter how full I am, there's a tiny portion reserved for sweet treats :)
My Wife's Chocolate Cake [$8] Served with a scoop of salted caramel ice cream and coffee soil.
It tasted pretty ordinary, you can't really go wrong with chocolate right?

Edith's Mess [$8] - Passionfruit jelly, honey comb, fresh berries and rock melon ice cream. 
This is my kind of dessert! If you love passionfruit or sourly sweets, this is for you.
A bite of sourly passionfruit jelly and a bite of sweet rock melon ice cream or honeycomb, it's so interesting haa.

Entirely like a classroom with their menu chalkboard. Keep a look out for their Chef's Specials too!

A for Arbite has a sitting capacity of 64 pax, suitable for big group and the spacious area is a plus point for events too.

Love how their signboard even fits the classroom theme. 
It require some walking distance, do navigate on your GPS to prevent getting lost :)


A for Arbite
28 Aliwal Street, #01-01, 
Singapore 199918

Opening Hours:

Tue - Fri, 11.30 am - 3.00 pm, 6.00pm - 10.30pm
Sat - Sun 11.00 am - 10.30 pm 
Last Order: 2.30 pm & 9.30 pm, Sun: 9.00pm

Closed on Monday

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