Wanderlust : Malaysia, Ipoh

Sunday, August 25, 2013

Food for thought :)

Just beginning of the month, I've got an invitation to join my bestie's family to Ipoh. Knowing I haven't been there before and I could keep my bestie accompany, sounds like a plan haa! Their main purpose to Ipoh were to visit their relatives so I'll compile the 3D2N into one long post :)

Day 1
The mode of transport was the coach, though it's a long journey but it's two to three times cheaper than flights. We reached early in the morning around 6am, blessed to have their relatives picked us up and off to have breakfast at one of their relative's stall, Ma Jie Curry 妈姐咖喱 which is located in Restoran Yee Lock. The curry noodles are different from Singapore's. Everything is done from scratch, from the shallots to bbq pork also known as char siew 叉烧 and even the curry.

Tradition cooking of curry noodles.
It comes in your choice of Soup, Curry (noodles fully immersed in curry) and Dry Curry (a bit of curry on top of your noodles).

Ipoh beansprouts are shorter and crunchier too! RM 3.00

Ipoh coffee. Too bad I'm not a coffee person.

Homemade bbq and grilled pork. 叉烧 and 烤肉

Yumms!! Curry noodles at RM 4.30. Mine was the normal curry.

The man behind Ma Jie Curry :)

Behind the scene of Ma Jie Curry

FYI, they start selling early in the morning around 6am and will close once it's sold out. Give them a call to check, +6016-508 0689.

Ma Jie Curry 妈姐咖喱 (Located in Restoran Yee Lock)
Anderson road,
31650 Ipoh, Perak

As usual, parents will think we are still hungry and ordered Yong Tau Foo 酿豆腐 (an assortment of pre-cooked ingredients mostly made from a soya bean curd base and vegetables) for us to try.

Homemade fishballs, etc. The stall is also located in Restoran Yee Lock.

While we let the elders chats, we were brought around for sightseeing yay! 

Fresh coconut drink. Oh no he don't pass you the coconut husk, he will scrap the "meat" out and pour the drink together in one drinking bag. 

Surroundings of shop houses in Ipoh

Mon Kee Confectionary, RM 1.60 each.
It looked so yummy, but too full to have anymore food in my stomach.

 Hop on for sightseeing :) I couldn't remember what are the buildings below heehees forgetful me =X

Mountains are everywhere here in Ipoh.

After chilling for awhile, they are setting off for lunch!! Geez I'm still feeling full from breakfast. As my beastie's relatives always says, "Come Ipoh must eat, must try everything!" and "Eat now, go back Singapore then exercise" LOL funny folks!!

Lunch at Woolley :D

Prawn noodles

The legendary Ipoh Rojak (a traditional fruit and vegetable salad dish commonly found in Indonesia, Malaysia and Singapore. The term "Rojak" is Malay for mixture)
I fell in love with the first bite~~

Yes must try everything LOL.

I'm not a fan of Char Kway Teow (stir-fried rice cake strips) even in Singapore, but after being convinced by the people there saying it's different, I tried a bit and hey it's not that bad haahaas. 

For dessert, we are having Won Tou Lang, not sure what is it but it's like mixed fruits with lemon on shaved ice and jelly at the bottom. A very cooling dessert!

In Singapore we have Rochor Bean Curd, in Ipoh they have Funny Mountain Soya Bean Curd!!!
It's like a drive by where you can order and eat in your car. Once you are done, just signal them and they will come to your car to collect it from you then drive off. Interesting!! We are lucky the queue isn't very long that day.

When it's hot, it's so gooooooooood! It's so soft too!!

Before you know it, it's dinner time already. We went to a place where almost every shop sells Ipoh’s famous Beansprouts Chicken. Everywhere was crowded as we left house a tad bit later around 8pm and we settled at Lou Wong Restaurant as we can be seated immediately. They said this shop quite famous but there's even a nicer one but it's always full-housed.

Chicken seems a bit too dry but the beansprouts tasted yummy. 

More beansprouts again! Nomnoms.

I just have to emphasize on their super long chopsticks haahaas. 

Day 2
Breakfast at a nearby coffee shop.

Banana with peanut pancake. So crispy! RM 1.90

Curry Chee Cheong Fan 猪肠粉 (steamed rice roll)

Hakka Noodles or Mee Hakka as they call it 客家面 (egg noodles with minced pork and gravy). Usually goes with a bowl of Yong Tau Foo, in this case it's just meatballs and fishballs.

Time for shopping for goodies! First stop to Yee Hup and some warehouse factory, where I bought my mom's favourite Home Café's white coffee and pastries 香饼.

Such old and torn down houses still exist in Ipoh. Blessed am I that I have a proper roof and house to live in.

Don't you think this out of no where fruit shop isn't making any money, think again! Though it's very competitive in this area, there's a lot of fruits stall but this shop is making lots of money!

My sources told me that the house you see on the left, it belongs to the fruit shop's family. WOW!

Such a big watermelon!!

How can one not capture the beautiful scene~

A manmade temple beside the mountain

Lunch at Restoran Hin Loong for chicken rice as majority wasn't satisfied with the chicken last night haahaas!

This is what I called a soft steamed chicken :)

Now you see it,

now you don't haahaas!!

Beautiful blue sky *loves*

Not only Hollywood has it lols.

Back at Woolley for the awesome rojak!! 

And off to Dinner at Restoran Kok Thai. Hmmdapp!

There'll always be room for dessert :P we waited till midnight lols.

This is da bomb! So colourful :D

Ipoh's Lok Lok

We tired for tasting. It tasted quite normal though~

Day 3
We wanted to have dim sum 点心 (a style of Cantonese food prepared as small bite-sized or individual portions of food traditionally served in small steamer baskets or on small plates). Usually people will go in the early morning, as me and my bestie are not a morning person, we got them to bring it home for us.

Dim sum at home :) for the lazy bums who can't wake up on time.

We went to some shopping malls, shop for clothes and baking goods. We even went for thai massage. *thumbs up* Before you know it, we are eating again haa!

Temupra prawn with cheese

Something unqiue that Singapore doesn't have. Stuffed fried egg.

There's 20% discount if you go around 3pm to 5pm.

Kacang putin!!

Pass down from generations

They have up to 3 different sizes of packaging, RM 1.00, RM 2.00 and RM 5.00. Free tasting too!

Early dinner as we have a coach to catch.

A bit of everything from the coffee shop

My last bite of Ipoh's rojak!

I have to emphasize how blessed we are being driven around for good food and sightseeing. They spent their weekends and some took leave just so they can take turns to accompany us around Ipoh, thus I do not have address of the places I've been to. Awesome hospitality and houses for us to stay in. Stressed-free getaway I must say :) Thanks to bestie's relatives!

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